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3.6 y/o DS- rage and crying outbursts

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SilveryMoon Sat 08-Dec-12 02:07:27

Somebody, my ds2 is exactly the same. Like yours he has always been a strong willed child, but lately the tantrums are bad, he is stroppy, shouts and screams whenever I try to talk to him says no to everything, has even started to hit me! No idea what to do about it other than give him lots of hugs and reassurances and ride it out.

Mediumred Sat 08-Dec-12 02:02:01

Hi, poor you. Erm, don't really know what to say but just that's it not unusual for three-year-olds (and even older) to get upset over things that seem to us incredibly trivial. Unless there are other indicators I wouldn't start assigning it to possible ADHD. ( dd is 4 and had a meltdown that we used an orange she'd taken a liking to in the Christmas cake!)

How often do the tantrums happen? How is he for others? At nursery? Could he be sickening for something?

SomebodySaveMe Sat 08-Dec-12 01:48:39

DS has recently (last couple of weeks) begun to completely overreact to just about anything. He keeps screaming and stropping over tiny non events and bursting into tears at the tiniest thing (properly sobbing not just a few tears).

He's always been a bit of a handful spirited but never like this. Yesterday he tried to punch DD because she said he was the mouse from the gruffalo and screamed that he hated me because I passed him the wrong wooden block!

We moved house in October but he seemed to have settled well until a few weeks ago.

DP has ADHD so maybe I'm overreacting in thinking it might be the beginnings of this but I have no idea what to do with him. On the flip side from the rage and tears he's a lot clingier and cuddlier than usual.

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