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stalling toddler when I pick him up from nursery

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madeit Fri 07-Dec-12 20:26:27

My child goes to a popular nursery which I am happy with. He enjoys going there. I work 3 days a week and as the nursery is so popular he can, at present only attend in the afternoons. During the morning he is with a child minder who is very good and who is now a friend. She drops him off at the nursery for the afternoon session.
My child is three and is generally happier with an hour nap in the afternoon. Because he starts nursery at 1pm he is too excited to sleep. Earlier in the day ie before the nursery, is not usually an option for a sleep as he is not tired.
When I go to pick him up, usually about six, he is often difficult. He stalls and stalls, findng things he has to do and going through a pattern of showing me cars and then putting them in a 'secret' place so when he returns to the nursery they will be there to play with. It is not a massive problem but it is frustrating. I don't want to rush him out the door but someimes leaving can take up to 20 minutes. Any ideas on how to get him out the door?

JoinTheDots Fri 07-Dec-12 20:35:15

Can you ask the nursery to start a wind down with him 20 minutes before you arrive? Is there anything you can tempt him with like "your (insert favourite toy here) is in the car! Let's go get it"

Good luck

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