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18 month old driving me crazy!

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HollyMadison Tue 04-Dec-12 15:02:52

Hi. I have a 21 month old who is very headstrong, willful and demanding. He seems to have got better over the last couple of months as his language, especially understanding, has got better.

Techniques that worked for me were to give him loads of warning of transitions (I learned not to just pick him up and try and leave the playground!) and also to hide anything I didn't want him to touch. So my phone, iPad etc is put away until he is in his nap. Trying to grab something off him that he wanted led to many a meltdown. Also I try to give him choices for everything. Sorry you probably do all this anyway! Things will get better soon smile

mrsfleming2be Tue 04-Dec-12 14:49:14

Hi folks, Im a newbie, Im a mum to two little boys one aged 6 and one at 18 months, the eldest is a very plausible well behaved little boy but the little one is driving me to the brink with his temper tantrums and behaviour.

I honestly didnt think a toddler could disrupt our lives the way he does, he screams to get what he wants, I try my best not to give in but sometimes its so hard, he hits and lashes out at his older brother and trying to get clothes on/off and change a nappy is a military operation.

Can anyone offer any advice on how to deal with this, I wasnt prepared for it at such an early stage, he just seems to be a really head strong little man?

Thanks in advance x

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