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sexual abuse in young children

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hel71 Thu 08-Jan-04 12:06:12

has anyone got any advice on conselling or people to contact to help with children who are too young to express feelings in words,when the have suffered sexual abuse,my 3 year old is very distructive,has screaming outbursts,and cannot cope with any trauma,he has panic type attacks if he has a nasty fall etc.we have recently moved and dont know where to go for help.

M2T Thu 08-Jan-04 12:14:21

What makes you think it's sexual abuse?

hel71 Thu 08-Jan-04 12:25:52

thats a strange thing to say,because i know it was sexual abuse,which happened in may last year,by their father,my 4 year told me and 2 year old was examined at hospital,there was proved evidence of abuse .

dinosaur Thu 08-Jan-04 12:27:31

Aw hel71, your poor DS.

I don't have any practical information I'm afraid but is it worth asking your health visitor as a starting point? I know people on mumsnet have widely different experiences as to whether hvs are any good or not, but it might be a place to start anyway.

Good luck, and sympathy.

StressyHead Thu 08-Jan-04 12:28:49

message withdrawn

Beccarollover Thu 08-Jan-04 12:29:13

Oh no how awful for your DS and indeed all of you.

Have you been given a new Health Visitor since you moved? I would suggest her or your GP as a starting point who could put you in touch with people who could help.

Was no counselling or similar prescribed at the time?

Northerner Thu 08-Jan-04 12:30:42

That's awful hel71. I would try your GP or health visitor definatly.

Hope you and your kids get the help and support you need.

motherinferior Thu 08-Jan-04 12:35:36

hel71, ring ChildLine on 0800 1111 and you should get some good advice. Good luck. CL is really very good and you will speak to a trained counsellor. HTH.

M2T Thu 08-Jan-04 12:35:47

Oh I see! Sorry Hel71 - I thought you were saying you suspected by their behaviour that it was sexual abuse. Really sorry, I wasn't meaning to sound disbelieving of you.

That is truly awful.

hel71 Thu 08-Jan-04 12:36:05

they both had a 4 week course on how to keep safe,ie not letting it happen again,to say no,and who to tell if someone does something they are not happy with,i spoke to the nspcc this morning,and they wont help me,they say hes too just hitting my head against a brick wall.

dinosaur Thu 08-Jan-04 12:38:28

A wild shot in the dark but a friend of mine used to work as a children's play therapist at the local women's refuge - the idea being to help children who couldn't express their trauma in words to get it out in other ways - maybe contact Refuge and see if they know of any services like that?

But I would try HV/GP first.

hel71 Thu 08-Jan-04 12:40:12

we moved here july last year,i have seen my health visitor once and had left numerous messages,my husband had a heart attack in oct and she was meant to contact then aswell,so ive given up on her as a lost cause,spoke to doctor also this am,he has suggested refering us to child and family guidance,has anyone heard of that.

hel71 Thu 08-Jan-04 12:42:54

dinosaur.....thanks alot,any advice i greatly appreciate,any avenue i can persue may be of help...thanks

Twinkie Thu 08-Jan-04 12:49:20

Message withdrawn

marialuisa Thu 08-Jan-04 12:49:30

Child and Adolescent Mental health Services may be able to help. This isn't as scary as it sounds, just a group of psychiatrists, psychologists etc. that children can be referred to. It's standard in the case of older children who have been abused.

It may also be worth contacting any local groups for adult survivors of schildhood sexual abuse, they may be able to point you towards an apropriate therapist as they tend to have quite a wide range of contacts.

Truly sorry to hear about your kids and DH, good luck with arranging help.

nearlymybeetrootday Thu 08-Jan-04 12:50:28

Message withdrawn

CountessDracula Thu 08-Jan-04 13:32:43

Oh my god how awful for you hel71, and for you Beety.

There is a website which is for the victims of child abuse and anyone involved with them - they have a msg board and chat room, I'm sure someone there could direct you to the right place to get help and also give you lots of support.

Hope your son soon feels able to cope better xxx

GillW Thu 08-Jan-04 15:50:56

You could try the British Association of Play Therapists . Look under 'Find a therapist' - to see if there is anyone in your area.

charlieplus3 Thu 08-Jan-04 21:05:43

Im so sorry for you and your DD. My eldest was abused by her stepbrother and it has been a nightmare getting the help needed for a teenager. I found that i am the best help for her as a consellor told her to look at candles????????????????? Get as much help as you can now from whoever you can so her future is not marred by this. Good Luck

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