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My DD's psychological issues

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YoungMother123 Tue 27-Nov-12 18:43:13

My oldest DD is 8 years old and has been diagnosed with a possible Superiority Complex. DD walks around and refuses to speak to people she thinks aren't as good as her. She constantly insults teachers and doesn't do her homework because she thinks that doing homework is beneath her. I know that she has started bullying almost everyone in her year at school and lots have children have come crying to their parents because of my DD. I don't know how to act when she treats everyone like their idiots. Another doctor has told me that DD may be Narcissism.
My second DD who is 7 also suffers from psychological problems. She has always suffered from type 2 Tyrosinemia, which means that she has abnormal sensitivity to light, tears a lot and touching things is often painful due to ski lesions. Because of her condition I have home-schooled her. My older DD treats DD like she is a freak and bullies her.
I am expecting another DD and I am worried that she will suffer from some problem like my other two. Are my DD's issues my fault? Am I a bad parent? Or have I just had bad luck?

Ineedalife Tue 27-Nov-12 22:11:49

Hi young, I think you should repost this on the special needs children board.

Your Dd is very young to be assessed for a personality disorder, there has been a thread running about this on the other board.

Has Aspergers ever been considered?

People with Aspergers can really struggle socially and often say things which seem very offensive. Girls with Aspergers can be missed because they are not like boys and often manage to hide their difficulties.

There are some really good books about it one I like is "The Complete Guide to Asperger Syndrome" by Tony Attwood. He has written loads of books but this one is easy to read.

Good lucksmile

ilikemysleep Tue 27-Nov-12 22:18:37

Superiority complex?

Is she definitely not what we call an 'arrogant denier' asperger (ie autism spectrum) girl? Some clinicians are not great at recognising the female manifestations of autism. Has it been definitively ruled out?

This is a description of an 'arrogant denier' from Attwood's 'Complete Guide to Asperger Syndrome':

'An alternative to internalising negative thoughts and feelings is to externalise the cause and solution to feeling different. The child can develop a form of over-compensation for feeling defective in social situations by denying that there is any problem, and by developing a sense of arrogance such that the 'fault' or problem is in other people and that the child is 'above the rules' that he or she finds so difficult to understand. The child or adult goes into what I call 'God mode', and omnipotent person who never makes a mistake, cannot be wrong and whose intelligence must be worshipped.....A lack of ability in social play with peers and in interactions with adults can result in the development of behaviours to achieve dominance and control in a social context; these include the use of intimidation, and an arrogant and inflexible attitude.'

ilikemysleep Tue 27-Nov-12 22:19:32

Cross posted with you, Ineedalife - but obviously we are thinking on identical lines smile

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