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Biting when provoked

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feefeeb Tue 27-Nov-12 12:57:27


I am having trouble with my daughter at the moment. Generally quite a feisty child (loud, runs around alot and busy!) but having a problem at the moment with biting. She does not randomly bite but will bite when other children seem to get in her space. I think she is trying to tell them to leave her alone but she is not talking much and so unable to do so. Other children seem to want to cuddle her, pick her up to the point where they are crowding her so much. I will warn the children to leave her alone but they won't listen. Sometimes on the school run she will be sat in the pram and I am litrerally figting with a few children and trying to yank the pram away so that they leave her alone as I know what is going to happen. It then ends up with them ultimately getting bitten and my daughter looks the baddie I know she should not be biting and its a horrible habit.

She goes to nursery and has not bitten once there and always has a good report.

Thanks very much


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