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My angel has turned into a monster HELP

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nutcracker Wed 07-Jan-04 13:44:35

My ds3 is 13nths old and over the xmas break he has turned into a nightmare. Before he was the happiest most contented baby who would smile at anyone and sit quietly playing on the floor. Now he keeps crying all the time and screeching at the top of his voice, it takes ages to make him smile and most distubingly of all he keeps throwing himself on the floor and banging his head on purpose. He will even sit banging his head on the doors or window. He has been teething but he's not normally like that then and i don't remember my other two being like this. Has anyone else expeienced the same thing ??

nutcracker Wed 07-Jan-04 14:09:10

He has just sratched his head by contiously banging his head on the kitchen door. I,ve put him for a sleep but he is just shouting and screaming.

oliveoil Wed 07-Jan-04 14:36:25

No advice I am afraid, sounds stressful for you however. Is he asleep yet?

jimmychoos Wed 07-Jan-04 15:20:01

Have you had him checked out by a doctor? Could easily be an ear infection. If he has one, lying down increases the pain.

CountessDracula Wed 07-Jan-04 15:28:13

oh nutcracker how stressful. My dd did this a bit. Does he walk? maybe just frustration at not being able to? Agree sounds like he has something wrong, eg ear infection, sore throat.

nutcracker Wed 07-Jan-04 18:48:50

His sleeping of a night is fine, and his daytime naps are sometimes a bit unorganised but he generally has at least one. He started walking a couple of weeks ago but he'll even scream when he's doing that. To be honest i think he may be imitating his sister, as she is always doing similar things, althuogh she is 4. It's just so out of charcter for him. I gave him some calpol incase it was his ears or teeth but it made no difference. If he carries on he'll have to go up for auction on e-bay

LIZS Wed 07-Jan-04 19:00:47

If he hasn't got a temperature etc then it may not be an ear infection, but he could still have a build up of fluid in his ears from a cold or congestion from teething which may be upsetting him. If he is just learning to walk then this could cause him a little difficulty with his balance perhaps ,a rushing feeling when he gets up or muffled hearing. Have heard of others bashing heads when teething and perhaps that is how he is trying to clear his head ? Worth a visit to the doctor's just to rule other things out.

nutcracker Wed 07-Jan-04 19:04:46

Thanx for that . He's got his MMR next week, do you think i should cancell it ?? I will take him to g.p, if i can get in. If not i'm seeing my h.v next week. I don't know why though but i just think it,s something behavioural instead ??? May be thinking that because dd2 is a big problem sometimes and he reminded me of her today. Anyway i got in a mad panic and ordered several behavoural books from amazon.

dippydon Fri 16-Jan-04 22:55:05

I have just joined mumsnet because i came across this post. I found it whilst desperately trying to find a way to stop my 13 month old son from screaming. I too have the exact same problem, Bradley was the most pleasant baby until a couple of weeks ago he always used to smile and laugh at everyone and everything but since he started walking he has been the total opposite. He constantly screams, anything can trigger it such as him not getting his own way or me walking out of the room. Sometimes he just does it for no reason , he also flings himself backwards. I thought it was just because he was frustrated to begin with, because he cant get up when he falls down(he's never crawled)but even when i give him everything he wants he is never happy and now i am embarrassed to take him anywhere because of this. I've heard comments from people such as "oh my god is he crying/screaming for a change" or "is that bradley screaming again". These comments are not meant to be nasty but i really feel upset when i hear them. But listening to high pitched screaming allday everyday really does get you down , I just hope that this is just a phase that our little ones go through. Sorry to join in on a downer hopefully my next post will be a positive one when bradley finally does get happy again.

Oh and i also dont think bradley is ill or has anything wrong with him because I am usually quite good at knowing when there is something wrong with him.


nutcracker Fri 16-Jan-04 23:02:04

Hi DD - Sorry you are having a rough time. Since i started this post my ds3 has almost gone back to his self again. I think he actually had a bit of a tummy upset as the next day he had a very disgusting nappy but seemed much brighter after. He still has his moments, which i think he gets off his siter, but on the whole he's n ot to bad now. The day i posted the thread i spent a fortune on behaviour books from amazon LOL, and now they are gathering dust on the shelf until the next time. Hope things get better for you soon

dippydon Mon 19-Jan-04 23:46:08

Hi I think i worried a bit too much about the constant screaming. Two new teeth popped through today so I think I can safely say that was the problem as Bradley has gone back to his usual self. I think i need to remember that these phases dont go on forever. I can not remember any of this from my dd, but then again it was 8 yrs ago!!

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