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3.5 and everything makes him scream - even getting what he wants!!!

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quoteunquote Sun 25-Nov-12 13:18:00

only respond to quiet calm behaviour, and he will soon learn,

When he is quite and calm give him loads of positive attention, you have to do this, not just take advantage of the peace and quite.

and minimum interaction when he is wrenched.

good luck

rattling Sat 24-Nov-12 20:57:43

This has been going on for so long now that we have almost come to accept it, but it is nuts, so I thought I'd ask advice here. (Prompted by the other screaming thread, but that is a baby, so quite a different thing).

Anyway, ds seems incapable of agreeing to what we are doing. Every suggestion is met with screams of horror, even if when we finally work out (through the high pitched wails) that his choice is exactly what we just suggested.

ie. "Shall we get the lego out?", "Oh, noooo!!!!!", "Okay what would you like to play with?" "Legooooo!!!!" All within that kind of timeframe, there is no need to attempt to talk him round.

Same with every meal I present him with (except breakfast), he wails at it till the rest of us are nearly finished then starts to eat quite happily. (This is a new version of his younger scream at all meals system when he didn't really want to eat. All I wanted of him was to sit up at the table without screaming at the food. Now he'll eat almost everything, but the screaming continues).

I try to say it is unacceptable by threatening to remove him from the room, and then carrying it out - but this results in a protracted tantrum while the screaming is comparatively brief. I realise that is a cop out, so I'll also offer that the tantrums really upset his twin brother so I'd rather avoid them. So I've more often just ignore him while he is screaming and remove him when I he drives me so mad I just can't ignore him.

Any advice? Anyone had anything similar?

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