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Kicking the dog?!

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kingsriver Fri 23-Nov-12 07:58:54

What do you do when a 2.5yrold deliberately kicks the dog? I hasten to add that he displays no other evil or psychotic behaviour and is normally a good tempered little man. I normally over react and shout or tap him on the offending leg with a stern talking to.(Am fond of the 11yr old dog1) I don't normally need to raise my voice with him but anytime I do - he laughs!
Question is this;do I get down on his level and calmly say Mummy doesn't like it when you kick the dog because its not very nice? Does that have any impact?

rebecca87 Fri 23-Nov-12 08:03:15

Do you have a time out/naughty spot? Ds has a step on the stairs and has gone on that when he's played too rough with our dog luckily he's never really been overly rough and now just cuddles her - he's nearly 5. (obviously we always watch him with the dog and swoop in if I see anything that would make our dog unhappy) The step has always worked for us x

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