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what is your 7 month old up to?

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lilypaige Fri 23-Nov-12 00:45:20

Hi just wondering how everyones 7 month old babies are coming along. My dd is babbling away, sitting unaided and tries to do the crab! No rolling yet though and no teeth, but a little bum shuffeling :-) x

McLurkin Fri 23-Nov-12 09:17:55

7.5mo ds got his first tooth yesterday! Commando crawling pretty fast, sitting unaided since about a week ago, eating well, really good at throwing loaded spoons long distance, babbling a bit but no distinct sounds, smiling and laughing a lot, normally sleeping 7pm-5am (hallelujah! 2.4yo dd didn't do this till about 13mo...), chewing everything, enjoying songs and rhymes (and bloody cbeebies far too much), still having milk feeds (bf) up to 6 times a day, very erratic napping, getting upset when big sister takes toys off him...

feekerry Fri 23-Nov-12 13:47:08

7.5 months dd is getting up on all fours then rocking back and forth whilst shrieking loudly lol! Um she's had teeth since 16 weeks but no sign of more. She's just getting to grips with sitting unaided and can roll all over the place. Eating is okay ish but still bf alot. Daytime napping is non existent. Dd has always been good sleeper but since turning 7 months has been waking twice a night. Yawn. For no apparent reason other than trying to crawl in her cot. Oh and def more clingy. Oh and has learned to take nappy off!!!!!

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