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Twin 2yo's listen to me and ignore my wife?

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Ferris124 Thu 22-Nov-12 17:49:51

Help and Hi,

I am covering a majority of child care for my boys whilst looking for work, meanwhile DW works full time but WFH most days and jumps in to help whenever possible.

Problem is they listen to me and generally play up and ignore DW. She is just as hard as me but they just smile and laugh at her, at the same time throwing food/toys/and generally ignoring her.

They are not perfect for me, but not far off. Any thoughts or ideas?

I have been primary carer since Jan when my wife went back to work FT.


Lia87 Thu 22-Nov-12 18:24:37

It could just be the deeper voice/more serious tone being male? Does dw not follow through punishments as much or do you act the same as far as you can tell? Make sure she's getting down to their level, being consistant and using a firm calm voice, and if they still dont listen get her to try moving them to have quiet time in a different room so they know theres consequences to not listening. If none of that works then step in and tell them they need to listen to mum or you'll be upset with them, though you'd have to be careful not to undermine her by doing that, hope thats at all useful

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