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22 m/o not saying words - should I be worried

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Emsyboo Wed 21-Nov-12 12:17:21

My 22 month old is not saying any words at all - not even mama or Dada, he babbles a lot and has full conversations that just don't make any sense. He has no problem understanding will follow instruction and communicates ( he does baby sign language so will sign about 30 words his baby sign language classes try to encourage talking as well as signing and all the other children talk).
I am starting to worry as all his friends and younger babies are all saying words and starting to say sentences. I think he may have lost confidence as he is quiet in public won't even do his own talking. He does seem to be trying to talk at times but something isn't connecting. I get embarrassed when I see younger babies talking away and feel like I am doing something wrong. We sing lots of nursery rhymes and songs, I talk to him all the time and we ready books a lot.
Anyone else had a late talker did they need a speech therapist?.

thegreylady Wed 21-Nov-12 16:32:47

That is a bit late not to be saying any words at all though babbling and signing is god.Has he had a hearing test?In any case I would talk to your HV or GP about a SALT assessment-there can be quite a wait I believe.

thegreylady Wed 21-Nov-12 16:32:57


Emsyboo Wed 21-Nov-12 18:06:31

Hiya thanks for posting, his hearing is fine, spoke to health visitor and she agrees his language, hearing and interpretation is fine but he is behind in speaking she said he may just jump to saying lots of words but that was a month ago and he hasn't progressed that I can tell.
His Dad and my brother were both late talkers so may be something to do with that but can't get any info from MIL about when DH started talking and Dad said brother just jumped to 2-3 word sentences from nothing so fingers crossed still worries me but then you always worry as a Mum smile

FierceShushing Wed 21-Nov-12 20:39:02

My DS is now over two and has still not said a single word, not a sausage. Like yours, he babbles constantly and seems to understand as much as you would expect at his age. I don't think he is deaf, although his hearing can be selective. I very much wish I had taught him signing as he gets frustrated through not being able to communicate properly and has epic tantrums.

Having looked into things a bit, I know that a speech and language therapist won't take a referral before the age of two and half, partly because things often fall into place by this age and also because a child below this age does not usually have a long enough concentration span. I found this website quite helpful, but don't torture yourself with the results of the progress checker; it's more the practical advice that may be of interest. However, it sounds as though you are already doing the most important things, reading and talking etc.

On the one hand, this delay in DS's development worries me a great deal, especially when I see other two year olds who can converse with their parents, and I feel like my child is backwards, but on the other I hope that he is just developing at his own pace. I know several people who did not speak until well beyond two and all are intelligent and apparently normal. Also, people keep saying, and I am sure there is something in it, that boys can be much, much later than girls. My DS is usually much quieter in public too, but I think that is because he is watching and listening the other children, which I choose to think of as a good thing. Hopefully he is taking it all in and storing it up. So you are not alone and I am a bit further up the road.

Emsyboo Thu 22-Nov-12 14:35:13

Thanks for sharing @FierceShushing will take a look at that link. I only went to signing at first because it had a nice teacher and songs and I could meet other mums didn't think he would sign but glad of it now. A few people think it is signing that is preventing him from talking but I don't believe that.

Sounds like your DS is a lot like mine he does concentrate and watch things a lot rather than just jumping in. I think it is reassuring for me that he communicates as I know he understands which would be a bigger problem and it is good they are both talking/chatting/babbling as if they were mute it might be more concerning. Although frustrating, I try not to let my insecurities show and still try to get him involved with other children but sometimes I worry what other mums will think that he is not talking.

I am sure in a years time we will both be telling our boys to shut up!

Eggsbon Fri 23-Nov-12 04:39:57

My DS was not babbling at 12 months, so I mentioned it to the HV. She refered him to a SALT, but it took 4 months to get an appointment and by then there was still very little babbling. I was told they don't do anything until they are 2 as things can change so quickly (they did!), but a 30 minute chat with a SALT reassured me there was nothing major wrong so I was able to relax about it... I would recommend getting the wheels in motion as it can take time to be refered. Even if they don't do anything they can give you useful exercises to do and games to play to encourage communication. I was given the details of a great charity called 'I Can' who sent me some really useful resources.

Hyperballad Fri 23-Nov-12 05:19:46

I didn't start talking till I was 3, I have since heard repeatedly from family members 'and she has been making up for it ever since!'

I'm well known for my ability to talk! And my career is largely communication based. smile

Cosmostocupcakes Fri 23-Nov-12 05:34:12

My son is also 22 months and although he was saying a few words around 13/14 months just stopped! Babbles, understands and follows (sometimes) requests but gets frustrated at times - I feel we are on the verge of a breakthrough but I still worry about it! ;)

Emsyboo Fri 23-Nov-12 14:02:58

These are all great feedback thanks everyone a few people have said I won't remember all this worry when he is 10 and won't shut up then go quiet again as he hits his teens lol
I may get in touch with SALT get the wheels in motion can always cancel if he starts talking. An due 2nd baby when he is 26 months so don't want any issues getting overlooked.
X x

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