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Toilet training - help?

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greenshoot19 Wed 21-Nov-12 09:57:10

So, we've just started officially toilet training (as of 5 days ago) our DD (2 and a half). She's shown signs of being ready for a while and has used her potty on and off the past couple of months. However, now using the potty/toilet is the only option, she has got very agitated, clingy and wanting constant reassurance, not settling at night very well etc. Is this a sign that she's not actually ready do you think or is this very normal and should we press on through? Thoughts please smile

Fifimoo Wed 21-Nov-12 13:32:57

I had that problem and decided that he wasn't ready, it was all getting far too stressful, for both me, nursery and DS so with nursey we put a plan in place of when we were going to start again, about a month later but as it transpired a couple of days later he just decided he wanted to do it himself, and it has been plain sailing since then (apart from nights, but I think that will happen in due course as it did during the day), good luck, DS similar age.

greenshoot19 Wed 21-Nov-12 19:50:59

thanks Fifimoo good to know. Shes also been a bit unwell so don't know whether thats that real problem so a bit confused at the mo! Will give it a few more days to see if she settles a bit!

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