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HOW do you cope with the constant bickering?

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They're 5 and 2.5, 5 year old is quite immature for his age and competitive despite the fact that we never compare them or try to make them compete in any way. They constantly bicker and fight, eldest is often jealous of the youngest, he wants the biggest piece of cake, the nicest chair, etc etc

Youngest seems to enjoy the bickering and often starts the arguments, which can start over anything, you'll just hear someone mutter "MY Charlie and Lola" "no MINE" and it quickly progresses to screaming in each others faces and hitting with metal Thomas trains.

I know this is probably typical textbook sibling stuff but how do you cope? I get so stressed and burnt out by it I end up either trying to seperate them (doesn't work, the oldest gloats and the youngest just goes to find him) or telling them to leave me alone because I just can't cope with the screaming and battering each other whilst holding onto my legs while I'm cooking or weeing ffs

I've been so upset last couple of days because of their behaviour I've shouted til I'm hoard, I've cried, I'm thoroughly upset with myself for not coping. Ive been so horrible and cross. They are wearing me down! I know they want attention but I can't gather up enough energy to do "quality time" things with them because I'm too busy refereeing (whilst
attempting to clean up all their mess!) How do you cope?

InNeedOfBrandy Tue 20-Nov-12 21:43:42

If they argue over a toy I take the toy off of them for the rest of the day, every single time. If it carrys on they both have to tidy their room and are not allowed out till their friends again.

I saw on FB a mum wrote on a XL Tshirt the no arguing Tshirt and put it on both of them.

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