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Going to sleep 13 month old

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rachndan Tue 20-Nov-12 21:06:54

Hi our 13 mo daughter just will not go to sleep in her cot anymore without being completely knackered.

She had always gone to sleep fine now she just stands there crying. Put her down stands up. Put her down stands up. This is repeated until we have no choice but to put her on our bed and within 30-60 mins she drifts off and then we put her in the cot.

We dont want to undo our hard work over the last 13 months but have no idea why she wont go to sleep even when she is tired. She just stands there crying.

Any ideas?


candr Tue 20-Nov-12 21:17:32

Hi, my Ds (14m) is a bugger for sleep too. We co-slept then he moved into own room. DH gives him milk and rocks him to sleep before putting him down wheras I was trying to get him to have bottle in cot and get self to sleep. When he wakes there is no middle ground. He goes from asleep to standing up screaming. I put a single matress and duvet on floor next to cot and would lay him down nex to me where he would drop off after 20 then 10 then 5 min and I would put him in cot.
Went from that to lying him down in cot and sitting next to it holding hand (sometimes giving a cuddle and lie back down). Now he lies down again himself when I go in room and I rub back for a few seconds then sit quietly till he drops off. It has takken a while but it has ment none of us are stressed and he is learning how to do it while feeling secure. When he wakes (is woken by DH going to work) 5am ish he comes in to bed with me with a bottle and will drop off again but not if I try to keep him in cot.
Am sure that will come but at least it means we both get a bit more sleep.
They are buggers for fighting sleep sometimes so just stick with whatever you decide to do. There is nothing wrong with not doing CC and giving them reassurance. I find it easier to be in the room with him crying where I can see nothing is wrong and I have checked he is dry than sitting downstairs guessing and waiting for quiet.
Good luck

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