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5am wake up!!

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penny1989 Tue 20-Nov-12 08:58:55

hi everyone,

my boy is 8months and has started waking up at 5am for his morning bottle. I have given him his dummy and sometimes manage to get another half hour to an hour sleep from him then he will feed from 6ish.

He used to to sleep through till 7/8am and it hasnt made a difference if I cut out a nap/put him to bed later. He even has an extra 4oz bottle in the day now because of these early starts.

could he be hungry? how much should they be eating at this age?

advice needed! thankyou!x

ZuleikaD Tue 20-Nov-12 13:18:16

Sorry, but they start doing this and they don't stop. We've had this ever since DD was about 6m and she's now 3.7. DS started waking up for the day at about the same age. We just go to bed early. We've tried everything - I just think if they're larks, they're larks. I'm sure I'll be grateful when they're leaping out of bed at 6am as teenagers!

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