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DS(6) has always had an extremely restricted diet....underlying reasons?

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citybranch Sun 18-Nov-12 17:49:16

My DS is about to turn 6 and his diet has always been extremely restricted.
He will eat:
Peanut butter sandwiches
White bread/toast
Pasta with butter (recent thing)
Chips (recent thing)
Fish finger (a few bites, token amount when cajoled)
Some particular biscuits/sweets (no cakes)

That is it.

Have taken him to GP a few times who says he'll grow out of it. Have tried a feeding clinic on Harley street which was a waste of £450 as the suggestions they made are widely available on the internet, and We've had hardly any success. I give him a multivitamin bought from Boots.

He is a bright, sociable child, well-behaved. One of the best readers in the class.
Excellent memory. Becomes fixated on certain topics (dinosaurs, trains).

His writing is well below average and he cannot hold the pencil correctly, we are working very hard with him on this.

He rarely enjoys situations where there are lots of other children, he regularly turns down party invitations. One recent party he did attend, he sat on the sidelines anxiously and wouldn't get involved.

Never really settled at Nursery and cried a lot but has been a lot better at school. He recently started football after school club and did very well, enjoyed it a lot, but when they announced the club would be held in the hall over winter he refused point blank to go.

He dribbled extensively as a toddler, his Tshirts were permantly soaked. Now he chews everything ( cuffs, jumper necks, his bed!)
He is popular and well behaved at school. Teachers are very complimentary.
The eating issue is the main concern and basically I am wondering if he is on the Autistic Spectrum. I'd like to understand my anxious little boy better.

Does anybody know a restricted eater (to this extreme) who is not ASD?
Thanks all.

amazingmumof6 Sun 18-Nov-12 18:41:54

I think he could have a borderline case of Autism (as you suspect) or Aspergers, I'd get him tested for these

Although he's diet is restricted, he has carbs, fat, protein, dairy and different and textures &tastes.

obviously the lack of fruit and veg is the main concern and not enough protein - but as you say he's recently been accepting other kinds of food, so maybe he's ready for a bit of variety

what about drinks? would he take fruit smoothies? if he can eat ice cream you could make smoothies into ice pops and that would increase his fruit intake
as he has yogurt he might be ok to try some blended veg soup - from the textures point of you. also if he can take smoothies (drink or through a straw) he could do the same with soup, maybe he finds holding a spoon difficult as he has trouble with a pen.

you might want to invite him in the kitchen to help when you are cooking other food - so he can get involved, but he won't get stressed about it (as it is not a feeding situation!)
he can smell things and you could ask him to taste some things - play it that he has to help coz you can't decide if it's salty/sweet/warm buttery etc enough. if it's a game he might go along and will ask for new foods

sorry,if you have already been given similar advice already, I'm not an expert but would like to offer support!

if you tried ideas above, but failed you can try again though - kids' likes and dislikes can change!

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