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Proud of my teenager

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alibubbles Tue 06-Jan-04 14:40:51

I am bursting with pride, my DD, 17 has been offered a place to read French at Uni in Paris. There were only 30 places available!

She has also been offered Nottingham, Bristol, Sheffield, Kings and Southampton to read French and German.

We are all off to Paris for a weekend in Feb to see if she likes it, there is also a parents programme so we can see what we think too.

She deserves her success because she works so hard, I never have to ask if she has done her homework, whereas DS (16) well, he has mock AS's tomorrow and has not opened his books yet!

StressyHead Tue 06-Jan-04 14:42:48

message withdrawn

ParanoidWife Tue 06-Jan-04 14:42:50

Big congrats ali

Festivefly Tue 06-Jan-04 14:43:22

Oh well done, what an achievement, you must be sooooo proud of her and yourself, what do you mean by the parents programme are you movig to paris!

suedonim Tue 06-Jan-04 14:45:32

Well done to your dd, such great news!

Twinkie Tue 06-Jan-04 14:46:21

Message withdrawn

JanH Tue 06-Jan-04 14:58:31

Well done to her, alibubbles - no wonder you're proud!

alibubbles Tue 06-Jan-04 14:59:29

Wow! Thank you so much for your kind messages, yes we are very proud her, plus she is such a lovely child ( sorry, young woman) too.

The parents prog is just about accomodation, meals, course options and living in Paris etc.

Thanks Twinkie, you never know when she might need help or refuge, she's a brilliant babysitter too!

I am a little nervous about her going, nut allergies, asthma, etc but it is only a train ride away, she could have opted for Edinburgh miles away and she did survive a month in Peru despite being airlifted out of the jungle by military Hercules during the civil war in Tarapoto!

Janstar Tue 06-Jan-04 14:59:49

That's great, Alibubbles, it sounds like 2004 has started off brilliantly for you and your family. Do tell us more about the parents' programme.

Don't worry about ds. From what I read on another thread just now it sounds like he is one of those annoying people who can get away with not swotting!

charlize Tue 06-Jan-04 15:11:00

Well done to your dd alibubbles. You are very lucky to have 2 wonderful children.
I'll bet you'll miss her . Iam dreading ds going to uni and hes only 11
Good luck to you and your dd. she has a wonderful exciting time ahead.

Twinkie Tue 06-Jan-04 15:12:45

Message withdrawn

Hulababy Tue 06-Jan-04 15:14:52

Congratulations to you and your DD. You must both be so so happy with such an achievement. Well done!!!

JanH Tue 06-Jan-04 15:17:06

hohoho Twinkie!

ThomCat Tue 06-Jan-04 15:20:48

Ahh, Alibubbles that's terrific. I'm so pleased for you all.
Lots of love to you - TC xx

charlize Tue 06-Jan-04 16:05:12

Ha ha Twinkie. he is clever but not that clever
I think uni is a few yrs away yet.

SueW Tue 06-Jan-04 20:35:34


tigermoth Wed 07-Jan-04 07:33:58

great news alibubbles, well done your daughter. What a good idea to for a thread. Nice to see teenagers getting some good publicity.

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