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Showing off

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InNeedOfBrandy Sun 18-Nov-12 16:12:14

Both my dcs show off in different ways, ds (5)boasts about things he has for instance today at the park the first thing out of his mouth to another child he wanted to be friends with was "I've got an iPod". I do explain its not nice to boast yadayada no one will like you but it still carrys on.

Dd (6) shows off by not listening to me and showing off by specificly doing what I tell her not to. She also flirts (no better way to describe it) with the boys. Today again at the park she was at the top of the spider web with this boy, I told her to keep both hands on so she laughed and kept swapping hands off and on and thought she was very clever. Then she follows this boy a couple years older round the park doing everything she can to keep up with him and only doing what he wants to do, so if he rolled over so would she. In school she is the same and is only friends with the boys even though he's quite a girly girl.

How do I solve the showing off issues first and is dd's behaviour with the boys anything to really worry about?

GoldPlatedNineDoors Sun 18-Nov-12 16:17:00

Ds sounds like he is a bit materialistic - does he always get what he wants?

Dd sounds like a little adventurer. At 6yo maybe just let her play on the spider web and run around without helicoptering. maybe she is more friendly with boys because she prefers the sort of activities they do?

InNeedOfBrandy Sun 18-Nov-12 16:20:39

No he doesn't, he also shows off say if he gets a lollipop or that he had ham cooked in coke for dinner (as hes not allowed coke he thinks ham cooked in it is a mega treat). I think he lacks social skills to make friends so finds things to boast about.

I am so not a helicopter parent, grin but the spider web freaks me out!

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