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Gah! Will my ds ever eat normally?!

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Onlyhappywhenitsnows Sun 18-Nov-12 14:13:28

My ds is 3.6
He is fussy about what he eats and also hates eating in large groups. Won't eat anything at nursery at all even accepted foods. I am concerned how he will manage at school. He will also only eat specific types or brands of things. If it looks different he won't even try. Here is his accepted list:

Bread / toast (with no butter or spread.)
Occasionally peanut butter
Baked beans
Potatoes (baked, mashed etc)
Roast chicken if mushed up small
Fish (if mushed up small)
Scrambled eggs occasionally)
Chips (always always chips)
Sweet corn
Occasionally cheese

Won't eat any salad like tomatoes or lettuce. Not much fruit. Won't eat pasta or mince, gags and spits it out. I think texture is more an issue than taste.

What can I do apart from keep offering different foods? I despair. I hoped eating with other children at nursery might encourage him but he just gets really distressed so I've stopped lunches for now. They were cooked lunches, not sandwiches.

amazingmumof6 Sun 18-Nov-12 18:52:37

he has a wide variety of textures, tastes and nutrients!

he has dairy, fruit,veg, pulses, meat, fish, grains, fats!

based on what he eats already you can try pork, beef & lamb and salmon also finely minced/mushed

white or brown rice

as he eats yogurt you could try fruit smoothies (any fruit really!) and blended soups (any veg )

try pate (smooth), even mushroom pate

try mushed up peach, melon, avocado

ask him to help you in the kitchen and let him lick taste whatever you are making - he might be happy to because there's no stress - not an eating situation!

I too would stop/reduce eating in large groups - it's not helping for now.

he's doing ok, don't worry about the things he doesn't eat!
for crying out loud he is eating broccoli!!!!!!grin

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