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Temper tantrums in a 6yr old

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vnsmac Fri 16-Nov-12 10:35:19

My normally sweet natured, (mostly) well behaved DS has suddenly this week decided, on a daily basis, to throw violent abusive temper tantrums aimed mainly at me. Last night was the worst so far and resulted in me having to drag him out of the supermarket whilst he was kicking and punching me and screaming at the top of his voice how he hated me and i was the worse mummy in the world. I tried to keep calm and, after a struggle, put him in the car, got him to keep his seat belt on and after applying the child locks on the door, i drove home in tears whilst he proceeded to attempt to kick out the car window and pull my hair from behind. This behaviour isn't usual for him, but since going back to school after the recent half term break he has been more defiant and argumentative, culminating in the tantrums every day this week. I've tried talking to him once he's calmed down and asking him if anythings upsetting him at home or school, but he tells me he doesnt know why he behaves the way he does.

i'm trying really hard to stay calm with him but after last nights episode, i'm scared of saying no to him in case it triggers another tantrum. Also his behaviour is now starting to rub off on his 3yo brother. It's not so much that i'm having difficulty dealing with the tantrums, its knowing what's causing them in the first place. I want my happy go lucky, smiley, loving DS back, instead of this monster child who seems to hate me and tells me he wishes i was dead.

Any advice would be gratefully accepted. Thanks

JiltedJohnsJulie Fri 16-Nov-12 13:41:29

Has anything changed at school or home? It might be worth talking to his teacher about his behaviour and ask how he is at school?

Stars22 Fri 16-Nov-12 22:55:24

I have a very similar situation. 6yr old boy. we went away for october half term and he was a bit unwell had been getting over a virus so was quite badly behaved while we were away but i put it down to him being unwell and would be back to normal when he got back to the routine of school. He hasnt improved. Hes not normally the best behaved child but not alot different from most easily led 6 yr old boys, but his attitude at home has been really bad since half term. we've spoken to the teacher and he said he hasnt noticed a change in his behaviour at school. Good luck as im at a loss aswell how one minute you can have a sweet loving child and next such an aggressive monster.

vnsmac Wed 21-Nov-12 01:58:58

Hi, thanks for the replies. I asked DS's teacher on Friday if he had noticed any changes in his behaviour at school and he's behaving normally at school. Over the weekend his behaviour has improved and so far this week we've had no tantrums but i'm still wary of saying no to him and i've told my OH that i'm not happy taking him out on my own in case he throws another tantrum. Stars22, you're situation does seem very similar to mine but DS hasnt been unwell - although everyone else in the house has had a cold/virus so makes me wonder if DS is coming down with something.

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