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What to do with attention seeking 4 yr old? Give more or less attention?

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shoppingbagsundereyes Thu 15-Nov-12 18:22:00

Dd has always been a really happy go lucky easy child. She started school in September and doesn't seem very settled still. In the last fortnight she has started 'attention seeking' - for example she goes to see the school nurse every day with the tiniest injury like a paper cut, she grabs hold of my leg when I drop her off and doesn't want me to leave, she has made a big thing about hating or but the teacher says she smiles and laughs during the lesson itself.
So she clearly isn't particularly happy but isn't particularly unhappy either (has lots of friends,, smiles and laughs during lessons, has plenty of positive things to say about school).
So do I just give her more attention or try to get her to toughen up a little bit? My gut says more attention but I've been staying with her in the mornings for a good ten mins after drop off time, playing with her, chatting with her and her friends and she still cries when I leave.

shoppingbagsundereyes Thu 15-Nov-12 18:22:50

She hates PE not 'or'. iPad and its predictive text grrr

shoppingbagsundereyes Thu 15-Nov-12 21:44:17


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