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Weaning problems

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Munchkinmommy Thu 15-Nov-12 17:57:45

Hi, everyone. I am worried about the progress we are making with my baby's weaning. She is 7 months old and I started weaning at 6 months. I started with dinner as she did sleep quite late. We got off to an ok start but I wouldn't say she loved food. She would eat 4/5 mouthfuls of food but the exception is yoghurt. She loves it. So I thought we were doing ok. I introduved breakfast and she was eating most of it.

But the last few days have been tough. She has now decided she doesn't want to eat food. She won't have it if she feeds herself or if I feed her. I have ended up giving her her yoghurt. Tonight I gave in and gave her her bottle. I am worried that she only wants sweet things and will learn that if she turns down her meal she'll get a yoghurt. Ah! Should I worry?

Jenny123G Thu 15-Nov-12 19:24:37

No I really don't think you should worry. There is far too much Pressure on parents to get weaning right so as not to cause fuss when as they grow
my ds1 is 3 and we started weaning at 4 months as he was a hungry baby. He had a wide varied diet then when he hit 1 year old it all went wrong. He only ate spaghetti hoops and yogurt. This was every day lunch and dinner and only toast for breakfast. This lasted 6 months! Then we managed to introduce scrambled eggs. Sandwiches but only with paste and fruit pots. Now he still has the same but is slowly at his own pace trying new things when I say slow I mean he licked a chip! Bit a tiny piece of pizza. Licked an apple and ate a cube of cheese. What I've learned through this process the more I've pushed new things on him and the more I've stressed about it the more steps back we take. I believe its a very slow progress with him but I praise now even if he holds something new. He's a good weight no signs at all of lack of nourishment.
With dp2 we started weaning at 6 months and did nothing different than we did first time round and he's a dream will eat anything I put in front of him.
Its a long road and I really understand your frustration but you will get there. Don't loose sleep on the way as long as he's happy and healthy what else matters?

PoisonMountain Thu 15-Nov-12 20:00:44

7 months is still really little! They are just getting used to things at this age. Could it be what you are offering. I wanted to do blw so I tried finger foods etc with DS as I said I didn't want to go down the purée route, but all he wanted was puréed stuff for a good few months. Dd on the other hand is just 8 months and refuses anything that is purée and has done since we started weaning at 6 months. Carrot purée, no way but she loves eating carrots. Same with apples.

She does have days when she barely ate anything and wanted milk (and then a tooth came...) so I just let her decide what she wants. Just keep offering a variety of things, give her bits of your food etc you don't need to cook especially for her. And at the end of the day yoghurt is not a bad food (unless its one with loads of sugar and stuff in it, my two only get plain yoghurt and I mix in a homemade fruit mix). If DS doesn't like dinner, he has to have tried it, then he gets a yoghurt instead. I'm not cooking two meals!

Munchkinmommy Thu 15-Nov-12 23:12:27

That's comforting to read, you are right there is so much pressure to get the 3 meals a day sorted. Thanks

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