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Eating and crying at the same time - anyone else?

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RawShark Wed 14-Nov-12 02:16:05

Sat for dinner together with 22 month DS. DS happy until came to first spoon - refused it and wept. Got him to try it and after a while he ate the whole lot BUT crying all the time and in a sort of angry way (big big spoonfuls, jerky movements). Proper weeping as wellsad. He had a drink available the whole time. Reminded of self as a teenager when I used to stuff my mouth and chew wide open to annoy my parents (nice).

I've never made him eat anything he didn't want to and I can;t see any teething signs either.

Has anyone got any ideas what this could be about - it's happened a few times now and he hasn't got the vocab to give me a clue.

HearMyRoar Wed 14-Nov-12 08:45:05

If it's only at dinner could it be tiredness?

My dd is only 7.5 months so possibly a very differant stage but we have had a couple of times when we have had a slightly later dinner or she has had a particularly intensive day when she has burst ito tears at dinner while at the same time shovelling food into her mouth like it's going out of fashion (we blw). Any move to take the food or her away just results in more crying, so we have just let he get on with it and then put her straight to bed. She is always fine if we make sure we have dinner at an earlier time. Or if we do need to have a later dinner giving her an extra snack seems to help a bit.

RawShark Wed 14-Nov-12 12:47:17

I can't believe I didn't consider tiredness as it is usually my default explanation (see also: teething). It just seems like such an odd way of being tired - to be 100% cheerful and then to cry and eat!

I will track it, thank you, and at least I know it's a behaviour other people have had.

uberalice Wed 14-Nov-12 12:48:54

Could he have a sore throat?

blackberrymumble Wed 14-Nov-12 13:02:25

Could be hand, foot and mouth - I'm not joking. Look for little white spots on hands and feet and mouth ulcers. Although if he did mange to eat it might not be, however the continued crying might have been because it hurt to eat. Mine had it and he couldn't eat for a week. Its worth checking beacuse you could then make sure he had cool, non-acidic foods instead of anything hot or potentially stingy. Has it happened a few times in last few days, or over a longer period of time? if over a longer period of time maybe not hand foot and mouth.

RawShark Wed 14-Nov-12 13:33:29

Just a few times over long period thanks blackberry. I will definitely file that away in m ylist of "things I never cosndiered before I had children" box for future reference though.

Sounds horrid for your child though

Twattergy Wed 14-Nov-12 17:44:38

Funny my 13mo had done this a few times recently and I was going to post something similar! A few times I've worked out it was trapped he was hungry but actually eating probably felt nasty. But he's done it a few times in the morning when I'm sure it isn't that. I wondered if it was because he was so hungry he was desperate too eat and just couldn't get it in fast enough, and then the crying made eating even harder! Basically I don't know but glad it's not just him!

RawShark Thu 15-Nov-12 06:12:09

TWattergy DS has never done it in the morning but he wakes up and demands breakfast (via pointing) so it's never that late.What I mean is once he can say when he's hungry for breakfast earlier than normal maybe it'll stop?

Am sure there is perfectly good explanation which I will never know

I have moved dinner forward 10 minutes (can't move it any earlier) and he didn't cry again but as it was only occasional I can't state it's definitely worked!

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