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19 month old still not walking or cruising but Dr can find nothing wrong with her! Any advice?

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inadreamworld Tue 13-Nov-12 19:36:49

Hi - not sure if I am going to get any replies to this as I don't know anyone in my situation.

My 19 month old DD has been crawling since she was 12 months old. She was late rolling, sitting up and crawling but in all other ways is perfectly fine in her development. She is now just turned 19 months old and has never pulled herself to stand, never cruised round the furniture and certainly never tried to walk.

She crawls everywhere very fast. I have obviously been to the paediatrician at my local hospital. She has had blood tests for all possible muscle diseases/genetic diseases - all clear. Nothing wrong with her hips/knees/legs - they checked them out. She can actually stand up if you pull her up by her arms but she doesn't want to do it. The longest she has stood up for is when I made her hold on to a chair whilst standing to look at my Mums cat which was sitting on the table (she loves the cat).

All the paediatrician said is 'she might be a bit hypermobile'. She has been referred for physiotherapy at my local clinic (have appointment in a few weeks) but I just can't see how they will get her to walk when she doesn't even want to try!! Has anyone been in this situation - I know of children her age who are pulling up/trying to walk at her age but DD is not interested at all in trying and even has tantrums when I try to make her. Apart from this problem she is a chatty (over 20 words) bright and lively little girl. Advice really needed!!!!

inadreamworld Wed 05-Dec-12 09:27:58

Thanks gazza! I like to think she is concentrating her mind on higher intellectual things smile

gazzalw Wed 05-Dec-12 16:56:25


Nancyclancy Wed 05-Dec-12 21:23:18

I'm still lurking, please keep any updates coming as I'm interested! My dd turned 19 months yesterday and has made a little bit of progress. She has started to pull herself onto her knees and is constantly doing it. As already mentioned she is a bum shuffler not a crawler but she keeps going onto all fours (I thought to crawl) but all the experts have told me she will it crawl, this will lead to her standing apparently.
I do feel she's making more of an effort now and her temper has calmed down. So instead of getting angry because she can't do things she's trying. I really hope this is the start! smile

Nancyclancy Wed 05-Dec-12 21:24:09

she won't crawl Sorry didn't make sense!

inadreamworld Wed 05-Dec-12 22:59:13

Hi Nancy. I will keep updating - DD 'walks' on her knees with the baby walker - not quite what it is meant for but never mind. Apart from the fact your DD bum shuffles and mine crawls they sound remarkably similar in development and both obviously talking well!

inadreamworld Wed 26-Dec-12 17:50:59

Hi Nancyclancy and anyone else lurking here because they are in the same situation. A bit of progress in the last few weeks - DD 'walks' around the house on her knees quite a bit. Previously she would just 'walk' on her knees with baby walker or when holding on to something. Also when I put her in a standing position with something to hold on to she can stand for a few minutes. The physio says just keep making her stand/doing the exercises and have next appointment in Feb. Due to be having 2nd baby 9th Jan.

Theas18 Wed 26-Dec-12 17:58:17

Have you asked for a paed physio referral?

Dd2 was a late walker - she walked/ ran in a high kneeling position for ages - obviously a great way to be mobile - more stable than those wobbly little feet and you can use both hands lol.

We saw a physio in the end . She put her in piedro boots - the sort that kept her feet at 90degrees . The was apparently because she risked tight Achilles tendons going sound with her feet pointed behind her all the time.

She walked very soon after. I think pretty much because the boots made high kneeling uncomfortable!

So a 21 month walker here. She has been far more physically abe and cordinated than her siblings though ! (who walked at 15 months)

Theas18 Wed 26-Dec-12 17:59:16

Btw dd1 bum shuffled and ds crawled and both walked at 15 mo!

inadreamworld Wed 26-Dec-12 18:14:39

Theas thanks for the info - yes DD has seen a paediatrician a few times and had one physio appointment. The paed said nothing wrong with her apart from hypermobility - ie joints very flexible especially ankles so muscles will have to get stronger in order to support them. They said she should be fine and catch up with other children but would most likely walk late ie 2 years old plus. They tested her for various muscular/genetic conditions and gave her clean bill of health, thankfully.

I asked the physio about the boots and they said they would not prescribe them for DD at the moment because they don't think she is a severe enough case - ie she can support weight on legs. I was told I could buy the boots myself if I want to so I might end up having to do this although I have heard they are expensive.

GreatCongas Wed 26-Dec-12 18:20:04

My dad didn't walk until he was two. Absolutely nothing wrong with him and he doesn't have a car so walks everywhere and for miles for enjoyment.
Just wanted to add another note of reassurance

inadreamworld Wed 26-Dec-12 18:30:00

Thanks GreatCongas smile

I have a friend who also walked at two and she is very energetic and carried my DD and folded pram up her stairs for me as I am heavily preg at the moment. So clearly nothing wrong with her now! I think I am just impatient as I don't know anyone in real life with a non walking 20 month old. And people keep asking me when she is going to walk all the time, particularly relatives.

Theas18 Wed 26-Dec-12 23:30:20

Just remind yourself that normal is a range with a bell shaped curve. So for every lovely,"gosh my 8/9/10 month old is walking already" post you see on mums net.there is an equally normal 20 /21 month old that isn't walking.

Parents of newbies that hit milestones on the late end of normal don't advertise the fact, but we are just as numerous statistically!

It all pretty much evens or in the end.

(having said that, a none walking 18-19 month old is fast enough from the statistical norm to warrant investigations because whilst they are still probably normal, some will have a medical reason.the op had already had the tests though)

madwomanintheattic Thu 27-Dec-12 00:08:02

There's an ehlers danlos syndrome support thread that runs on the sn board - can be v helpful for hypermobility issues (dd2 is hypermobile and has low muscle tone because of cerebral palsy, so we have lots of low tone/ hypermobile issues)

It might be worth you having a read, anyway, then you know where they hang out if you want to ask a question! grin

inadreamworld Thu 27-Dec-12 09:28:05

Thanks Theas - sensible advice as I must remember normal is within a wide range. I am glad I got all the tests done on DD so logically I know there is nothing wrong and she will walk eventually!

madwoman thanks for this - DD does not have ehlers danlos as blood tests for all possible genetic disorders came back clear. Her muscle tone is also normal (they tested her). However the Mums I have met with children not walking at 20 months both have special needs kids (one had Downs, the other had global developmental delay, ie everything was delayed, including speech, fine motor skills etc). This is not the case with my DD - it is just the walking issue.

Lollydaydream Thu 27-Dec-12 10:00:07

On the boots my dd has some stability issues (due to a brain injury) and is under physio; she hasn't been given the specialist boots but physio recommended we get Clark boots and they make a discernible difference to her stability.
I would also agree with the swimming advice. I'm convinced it has strengthened dd's core although I have been shocked at how hard going she has found being in the water, it was like regressing 6months or more while she was in the water.

inadreamworld Thu 27-Dec-12 10:56:34

Thanks Lolly Will check out Clarks - and yes, forgot about swimming, haven't been for a while.

snowtunesgirl Thu 27-Dec-12 11:00:22

Very reassuring to read this thread as I'm starting to worry about 13 month old DD. She commando crawls and gets up onto her knees but does not stand or pull herself up.

She was born with a right leg that bent back the wrong way at the knee which straightened itself out by itself with no intervention within two weeks. She had ultrasounds etc and appointments with orthopaedic surgeons in her first few weeks who said that her legs and hips are fine. However, I'm wondering if the bendy leg points towards hypermobility? I am quite flexible and was born with similar problems as was my sister and cousin.

DD is not brilliant physically but again like others have said, her language skills are very good. She says things back to you and copies things she's heard. The other day she said Oppam Gangnam Style. hmm grin

So at what point should I see a doc? In our area, the 1 year review was called a 7-11 month review so she's not been reviewed as such. The last nurse I saw was at her MMR jab and she said not to worry about not walking. But I gather pulling yourself up should come much earlier?

Can you tell I'm a worrier?

poozlepants Thu 27-Dec-12 11:17:40

My Ds crawled at about 6.5 months, pulled himself up from 9 months but didn't cruise ever and didn't walk until 17 months. He had hypermobility particularly of the ankles. Once he started walking he was fine but he was a very wirey muscley child. As far as I understood it, it is much harder and more tiring for kids with hypermobility to walk as it takes more effort and energy to get your joints to do the right thing. He then had trouble running for a bit as his legs went sort of bandy. The GP told us it was normal and would sort itself out.
At 3 we went to see a podiatrist for his strange feet as he was getting really sore toes from his feet rolling in his shoes (despite multiple pairs from the specialist kids shoe shop) who was the one who diagnosed the hypermobility and he has special inserts in his shoes which realign his feet, ankles, knees and hips etc and from then on we have had no bother at all. We were told the NHS wouldn't do anything until he was 7. The inserts were about £200 for the consultation but then it is just £60 every year after. They seemd to realign his legs after about 2 months.

Nancyclancy Thu 27-Dec-12 11:53:57

Hi inadreamworld glad your dd has made some progress! My dd had a general developmental check at the hospital just before Christmas. We saw a different Dr who said that as her other areas of development seem fine and because her bloods are normal she was quite happy with her.
I'm glad that I've seen so many different people, because they are all telling me more or less the same thing. No-one wants to see her now until she is 2.
She told me to keep her upright as much as possible ( easier said then done.) She had a good look at dd legs etc and does not feel dd has hypermobility. She stands perfectly on her feet and for long periods if we stand her up.

Does your dd get frustrated? My dd really does not seem bothered that she can't walk?

Also, my dd got a little tikes trike for Christmas ( no pedals.) I didn't really expect her to be able to use it but she can. She mastered it in about 10 minutes. She went backwards to begin with and then started going forward when she realised she was going the wrong way. I don't know if this is going to delay her further as she can just get to where she wants by scooter grin But will probably help her leg muscles. And more importantly, she has been scootering over to coffee table etc and trying to pull herself up off scooter.

Good luck with the arrival of your new baby!

Lollydaydream Thu 27-Dec-12 12:35:26

The other thing that I'm sure helped (and you've probably already done) is having favourite toys set out on child height tables; if she likes puzzles and is engrossed she might not notice she's standing up. For dd it was the toy kitchen that was motivating.

madwomanintheattic Thu 27-Dec-12 16:46:13

Ina, oh yes, I know she doesn't have eds, but whatever the reasons, she has a very similar clinical presentation in the hyper mobility, so the eds ladies will be able to offer tips and support if you need it to deal with that issue in a late walker.

My dd2 doesn't have eds either, but she does have hypermobility. Sometimes you have to just look at the symptom and find some other folks with direct experience, for whatever reason, if you need an ear. grin

The specialist boots are called Piedros, and they don't usually offer them to tinies because they are really expensive. Clarks are pretty shit grin or were. grin you are better off going to independent kids shoe stores and getting a choice of any of the European shoe manufacturers - they usually have a very sweet range of tiny boots that are very supportive. Indie shoe shops, if you discuss hypermobility and ankles that are rolling in, are usually able to offer some suggestions. Clarks have always looked at me like I am insane. grin once she gets bigger, kickers are a reasonable emergency alternative to piedros. I have had days when she couldn't stay upright and have had an emergency trip to the store to buy kickers lol.

Whatever the issue causing the late walking, it is a mistake to assume your dd needs a different type of care for this matter from a child with any other sn that also has this issue. So just because a child has been dx with Down's syndrome, doesn't mean your dd needs different stuff than that child for hypermobility. grin the child with Downs may also need additional stuff, but if he has hypermobile ankles, he'll need some support and will walk later.

Dd2 has brain damage from a birth injury - she also needed lots of additional stuff, but decent boots were really important for her walking. grin

The cause might be different, but a lot of time, the support needs are the same.

Nancyclancy Thu 27-Dec-12 18:10:11

madwoman I was advised by the last paediatrician to get shoes to support my dd's ankles even though she isn't walking or pulling to stand? But the physio we saw previous to her had said to not put her in shoes?????? Clarkes would only sell me crawlers, which I declined but refused shoes. Did you put your dd in shoes before she pulled herself up to stand - just curious.
Physio was adamant there is no hypermobility issues too.

So do I put my non-walking, bum shuffling dd in shoes is the question confused

MooseyMoo Thu 27-Dec-12 18:21:35

My DD was late for physical milestones. She didn't crawl until 14 months, cruised at 17 months and could walk if she held your hand and then one of my fingers, as soon as I let go she would drop to her knees and knee walk. She didn't walk unaided until 22 months and then started walking round grandparents front room but didn't know how to stop.

In hindsight, she was a v wary baby and cautious as a toddler. However she was speaking from early on and napped a lot (x2 naps right up until 17 months). I got very annoyed with people saying she was a lazy baby and staring at her when she knee walked. All I can say is that Boden cords with knee patches were excellent for this phase smile

nancy I just had DD in soft leather shoes from [[ My Twinkle Toes]

MooseyMoo Thu 27-Dec-12 18:22:25

Sorry, link fail

Theas18 Thu 27-Dec-12 18:31:25

Nancy imho my bum shuffler would have been impeded in her efforts to stand by being in shoes. Unlike from and her high kneeling her feet were in a nice position to stand.she just couldn't be bothered too! She didn't crawl till 13 months add bum shuffling, like knee walking is, as I see it superior to walking for babies-they are fast and can use both hands, but zero risk of that to a new walking baby-falling all the time and grabbing our b holding hands out for balance.

I think you have to make them want to be bipedal. Toys up high.puddles to stomp in (get wellies) .ours used to push the pushchair like a baby walker too-if you are a non walking 20 month old a normal push a long trolley gets a bit shirt and tippy!

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