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Help/Advice should i change schools ? what would you do ?

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deni69 Tue 13-Nov-12 18:29:59

I will apologise now for this v long thread.
I think my son has overlapping adhd, dyslexia and dyspraxia , I have first hand exp with adhd as i have a 15 yr old who is on ritalin for it !
My 7 yr old is diplaying all of the charictaristics but also displaying signs of mild dyslexia and dyspraxia.
School tell me he is too young to be tested for dyslexia as yet (end of this school year is more likely so june 2013) He is struggling at school with reading/writing, he has been put into a group to help with the writing but is not getting extra help with reading (he is on blue books , level 1, just ) I am not sure what level to expect at his age but know he is at the lowest level in his class(of 30 !!!) He was getting help last yr but for some reason that has stopped?!
He went to child development on monday and she did thankfully agree there were "issues" and is going to contact school. His teacher (the senco officer) has said we will get together again before they finish for christmas and discuss his progress and possibly put together an IEP.
My issue with his teacher/school is i am affraid his teacher wont be as honest with child development as she should be as it seems to be more work for an already overstreched teacher. In my sons class she has 1 pupil who has a statement, one who is under cham's 1 who is under a psychologist and then around 6 very active boy's who feed off each other. thease children will continue through this school in the same class every year as they are all in same age bracket.
When i discussed my concerns with the head of a prospective new school she said straight a way she would involve educational psycologist, whe i told the head of school he attends her reply was my son was way at the bottom of the list for ed pys at her school as she had children with statement waiting to be seen then proceeded to whitter on a bout funding !!!!!
If i moved school he would go into a class of 15 children but i am so affraid of making a bad situation worse as he is happy at his school, what would you mum's do? i just want him to have the attention he deserves and needs.

adoptmama Tue 13-Nov-12 19:40:31

Firstly he is not too young to be assessed for dyslexia. You should ask the school for a referral. If they refuse you should contact your local authority education department and speak to the person responsible for special educational needs. It is your right to do this. I am a big believer if formal assessement. No two dyslexics are the same and each have unique characteristics and learning needs. A full, professional assessment will allow your child's strengths and weaknesses to be identified and specific recommendations made; rather than the generic recommendations we work from in schools otherwise.

Personally from what you have described I would certainly move school. His current class is very high needs with some very demanding and needy children. This is not going to change. Whilst you do not know what the potential school's intake will be in future years it seems to offer a better immediate environment. Make sure though that you do get that ed. psych. involvement. Your son deserves the best chance possible to learn the strategies which will help him compensate for his learning disability.

deni69 Tue 13-Nov-12 20:42:11

Thank's, i might just by pass school and go straight to education dept as you've said as i don't have much confidence in school atm.

deni69 Tue 13-Nov-12 21:07:55

I have filled in a form on my local authority web page asking for help from the parent partnership sevice asking about a refferal for an assesment of his dyslexia, the child develpment officer agreed he has co- ordination problems and other "issues" so hopefully they will be able to advise me, again thanks.

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