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2.7 and comforter attachment

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vladthedisorganised Tue 13-Nov-12 01:43:04

Bit of an odd one: DD has had a blanket for most of her life and up to recently we've been gently nudging her towards keeping it for sleep times, mainly for practical reasons (i.e. not losing it). So far she's been really good about this and as of last month I thought we were ready to leave it in the bed.
Suddenly she seems to want to take it absolutely everywhere, except when she gets distracted and puts it down, wanders somewhere else and wails that she can't find it about a minute later. No major upheavals in her life of late, just a sudden magnetic attachment to a blanket that gets trodden on, dropped in puddles and left in inconvenient places. No amount of persuasion that 'big girls only have their blankets at sleep time' or that it might does get in the way of favourite activities seems to be working. Mealtimes and baths are the only times I really put my foot down about not bringing it with her, but she's not happy then until she's finished and can drag the blanket around with her.
Is this a normal blip? She's still small so I'm not worried, just slightly exasperated that I seem to spend half my time with 'Where's my blaaaaankeeet??' ringing in my ears!

notcitrus Tue 13-Nov-12 03:50:44

Sounds very familiar - ds got obsessed with one blanket, and dummies, around that age. I generally let him take a less-favoured blanket out, especially after the time fave was left at nursery and lost for a few days. He decided to let the dummy fairy come age 3.8 and age 4 accepts that fave blanket stays at home.

Re losing it in the house 'where you left it' is one of my catchphrases! If I tell him to look for it and I'll help in a bit, with luck it'll be found or him distracted before I have to move...

amarylisnightandday Tue 13-Nov-12 05:00:09

Dd1 drags Muslims around with her. (She is just 3). So much so that one if her first words was 'badeeeeee' 'blanky'. She always has them to sleep but seems to have whole alternating cycles of needing it during the day ranging from not at any point (nursery) to never putting it down (tired). Blanky use is definitely decreasing but in a v slow fashion.
Before I had her I was really judgey about comfort items - I assumed it meant the kid wax anxious/insecure. Now I have a kid I'm confident it's neither - just luck of the draw and habit. I do the dont offer/don't refuse approach with it and I am confident she will have ditched it by the time she goes to school. I never worry about it even though she looks like Linus from Snoopy dragging it around! She is very outgoing and confident and developing in huge leaks and bounds mentally and physically - very jolly/vast vocabulary/swimming 100 metres unaided and getting high praise for focus and effort in her new gymnastics class (sorry - pfb!!!). She's also stayed with a froend the last 3 nights as I've been having dd2 in hospital. She has been amazingly fine! I am quite shocked how well she's coped and enjoyed herself without me so I shall worry about her comfort blanket even less grin

amarylisnightandday Tue 13-Nov-12 05:00:37

Muslins!!!! Frightful typo!

amarylisnightandday Tue 13-Nov-12 05:02:24

Oh and get a spare one......then another spare one.....

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