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Is it weird...?

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jenduck Mon 12-Nov-12 19:37:54

that my 19 month old DS2 will only put phone up to other people's ears when playing & not to his own? Also he points to my body parts but not his own. He does copy well, eg copies whatever his brother does such as running train on tracks, shape sorters, everything, but just will not do things on himself. Was also slow to self-feed, but using spoon for past 2 months & fingers for a month. HV says he is just slow, but would love other views. Thanks!

amazingmumof6 Mon 12-Nov-12 20:56:05

if I remember correctly they can identify others before they can identify themselves

for example - babies think of mum as their extended selves (mum is part of them) and separation anxiety starts when they realize mum in fact doesn't "belong" to them

so they cry because mum is gone, not because they are left alone (if that makes sense)

also babies/toddlers will have no trouble recognizing familiar faces but might have no idea who the other kid in the mirror is!

they will say mum/dad/grandma etc (third person) then you (2nd person), and the real mile stone is when they finally say "me" and "mine" (generally after 2nd birthday!)

older toddlers will have no problem telling you that mummy/grandma/sister is a girl and daddy/grandad/brother is a boy, but may still get mixed up regarding their own gender!
this is especially interesting when if even they know and sure that they are a boy/girl, on asking the question what they will be when grown up -a man or a woman- they could still get it wrong!

let's say there are 2 brothers,
the youngest will answer correctly that he has 1 brother, but if you ask how many brothers his brother has he might say none - he doesn't yet know that the answer should be 1, as his brother's brother is himself!!!! he just doesn't think of it that way!

my 2.5 year old keeps picking up my mobile phone (ringing or off makes no difference) and gives to me (mummy your phone!), I have never seen him putting it to his own ears!

pointing at body parts - between the ages of 12-24 months he'll be able to identify 3 body parts if someone names them (show me your toe/ear/nose)

if you ask "where's your toe " and he points at your toe,he understands toe, but might not understand "you" yet!
ask instead "where's 'Tommy's toe?" (use his name obviously! grin)- see if he can get it right!

All in all (without being an expert/professional) I'd say he's normal.

(If I have phrased anything ambiguously, please assume I meant the nicer thing!)

jenduck Wed 14-Nov-12 14:32:31

Thanks for that amazing! All quite reassuring smile I do tend to overthink things when I am sat here all day with just a 19-month old & a nearly 4-year old for company!

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