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no babbling or cooing from 4 month old

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NinjaChipmunk Sat 10-Nov-12 22:40:55

my 4 month old dd is very quiet. She's pretty much on track for her milestones, can lift head when on tummy, can roll onto her side but not completely over, smiles when she sees/ interacts with us, she even started to laugh at ds when he's being silly. She is very placid and easy going, rarely cries and sleeps well. generally she's a little star. But she doesn't really make noise. She doesn't babble or coo, she sometimes makes a short 'ah' sound but even that is pretty rare. I talk to her and stuff to try to encourage her but at what point should i worry? Her hearing seems fine as she jumps if someone coughs/ sneezes/ claps etc and she's not expecting it. I'm pretty sure ds was much more verbal than this? The only other time she makes noise is when she's falling asleep chewing her fingers and you get a repeated yayayaya type sound. Please someone say your dc were like this too and it all turned out ok!

elizbake Fri 16-Nov-12 10:18:36

My baby is 4 months too, she makes loads of noises but has not giggled/ squealed yet!.. I am getting a bit worried too.. Guess they are all different.. All the books seem to say this should be achieved by 3 months!!

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