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My baby hasn't pooed today

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GailTheGoldfish Thu 29-Nov-12 14:39:25

DD goes days between poos. As long as her tummy isn't hard or swollen all is probably fine.

vodkaanddietirnbru Thu 29-Nov-12 12:43:28

the kellymom website says this:

DIRTY DIAPERS: Depends on your child

Number ranges from many per day to one every 7 – 10+ days. After 4 – 6 weeks, some babies switch to an infrequent stooling pattern. This is normal as long as baby is gaining well, and stools are soft and profuse if several days have passed

Hopefully they've pooed by now...

But just to add to it, my three (ebf) DC often had long gaps without going. DS1 particularly liked to save it up for when we were out and then would end up covered from head to foot (and one lovely occasion got me and his pushchair too)

RebeccaMumsnet (MNHQ) Thu 29-Nov-12 12:18:28

Hi there,

We are going to move this to our behaviour and development topic where we hope you get a larger response.

Best wishes


MoonlightandRoses Fri 09-Nov-12 23:10:25

Sounds fairly normal to me (well, it was for small child here at that age anyway). A gap of up to 3 days wouldn't be unexpected.

Of course, when it does arrive...grin

5speckledfrogs Fri 09-Nov-12 16:37:57

I know it's normal for ebf babies not too poo everyday but all the advice also says they should do at least 2 a day at first. So when does it change from not being ok to being ok?!

She's 5 weeks and seems perfectly happy, feeding well, slept a lot today but when she's awake she's alert. My instincts tell me there's nothing wrong with her but first time mum and second guessing myself. Please reassure me!

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