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Difficult behaviour since starting school - not sure what we should do

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Highanddry Wed 07-Nov-12 21:27:40

Ds1 started school in Sept. He is one of the youngest in his class with an August birthday but I hoped that he would be ok as he is quite confident and outgoing and was doing 3 days at nursery.
He seems to have settled in ok but his behaviour at home has really changed. He is whiney, argumentative and constantly bursts into tears. He used to be very cheerful and it makes me sad to see him like this, plus life has become a constant battle.
We are assuming that his behaviour is because he is getting really tired and so are trying to cut right back on the other activities as he was doing quite a lot, in the hope it will help. Have even changed my working pattern so he'll have less days at after school club.
Should I cut him lots of slack when he acts up and hope things improve with time. I'm just not sure how to deal with all this boundary pushing as we're normally fairly firm but I don't want to be super strict Mum when what he needs is tlc! Any advice?

Wigeon Wed 07-Nov-12 21:38:30

My DD (June birthday) started school in September and whilst she is apparently impeccably behaved at school (according to her teacher), she is all the things you say at home. Some days she literally won't do a thing we ask her.

I am sure it is "just" tiredness. I think this was proved by her being a complete delight last week, when it was half-term, and now that she's back to school this week, she is back to bursting into tears, being difficult, and even wetting herself because she's too tired to remember to go to the loo (having never ever wet herself since she was potty trained!)

Cut back on all after-school activities. I mean all. We don't even do playdates at the moment as she is just too tired.

Just come straight home - a bit of TV, supper, bed as promptly as possible.

We are still being clear with DD about expectations (eg no being mean to her baby sister, she has to do what we ask her etc), but I guess we are treating her pretty gently, and not expecting very much from her after school. She loves her sticker reward chart, and we are trying to use that as a carrot and stick.

Every single other parent of a new Reception child is reporting similar behaviour at home, so I am consoling myself, and you, that it's normal and that this too shall pass!

bassingtonffrench Thu 08-Nov-12 10:08:00

My DD was like this. a tantrum every day for a term. (great in school though). she came out of it and is now Yr2 and loving it.

be gentle.

LaTrucha Thu 08-Nov-12 12:44:36

Yup. My DD too. Mine is night waking too through overtiredness. She was wonderful over half term.

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