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Potty Training

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whereismytoenail Wed 07-Nov-12 20:49:50

my 2.7 DS has been doing really well, no nappy through the day , telsl me when he needs to go, he has done this for weeks

this week he has went in his trousers everyday and then tells me and says " next time mammy" he s also holding his wee for hours at a time sometimes as much as 4-5 hours

i keep asking if he would like to try on the potty but he shouts "no" at me

ive offerd rewards etc if he tries and he also gets a reward if he goes on his own

i havnt been negative if he s had an accident just said "oh never mind next time son "

do i just keep on like this ?

IWillOnlyEatBeans Wed 07-Nov-12 21:04:57

My DS (2.9) can easily go 6 hours between wees...even 8. He drinks a lot, he just has a huge bladder/impressive bladder control! He'll have a wee at bathtime (6.30pm) and then not need to go again until half nine in the morning, despite having a big drink of milk before bed and some with his breakfast!

He was dry fairly quickly, with a couple of regressions. I actually found that being understanding about accidents (once I knew he was capable of staying dry) didn't really help as they sent the message that it was ok to wee in your trousers after all. Being firm 'we do NOT wee in our pants, that is NOT ok' worked much better for us. I know that this goes against most advice though!

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