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23 month DS always roaming/on the go - normal?

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harkharkhark Mon 05-Nov-12 21:25:53

He's not a Duracell bunny - great sleeper, for a start - but just never settles for long. Always moving around for the next thing. Worse when week are somewhere new - today, for example, we visited a friend whose house we'd not been too before.

He played with her kids toys for a book - before throwing them and then started wandering around, going for the dog's water bowl, climbing upstairs And going up and down the second landing steps; not ignoring us - shouting out hello and playing peek-aboo but just exploring, I suppose

Just wondered this was age appropriate - I'd love him to sit for a while!

harkharkhark Mon 05-Nov-12 21:26:37

Sory lots of typos as on phone - hopefully you can understand the essence!

ihearttc Mon 05-Nov-12 21:38:30

I have a roamer too...he is also 23 months!!

In his case I think it's definitely due to his temprement as I have a DS1 who is now 7 and completely different and would sit and play/watch stuff for a while. DS2 is never ever still apart from when he is asleep. Pushchair is a nightmare unless its moving and toddler groups are even worse as he literally runs from one thing to another like he's never seen toys before.

He has recently had his tonsils/adenoids out as he had severe glue ear and couldn't really hear much at all and randomly it has made a bit of difference...he will look at books now and watch tv for about 10 mins which is bliss.

But he loves drawing (scribbling anyway lol!) and puzzles so we try to do a lot of that as it does keep him occupied for a while and we tend to go for walks/woods/park a great deal.

According to my parents he is exactly like I was as a child as well!

Eggsbon Tue 06-Nov-12 06:11:06

Mine is the same (also 23 months). I stopped going to singing groups as all he would do was run around the library pulling out books. I also spent a week at my mums recently and she had to get a stairgate over the lounge door because all he wanted to do was explore and open every draw / cupboard in sight. He loves singing at home and sometimes if things go quiet I will find him reading his books. I think it is just their temperament, always needing to be on the go and interested in everything which I think is a good thing. Does your son go to nursery or a childminder? If so, if they had concerns I'm sure they would mention it. Also, perhaps bring it up at his 2 year review if you're worried, but it sounds pretty normal to me.

harkharkhark Tue 06-Nov-12 08:57:35

Hi, thanks all. I think it's his temperament. I don't feel worried there's other issues. He doesn't tear around, and he loves books, puzzles, playing with pretend kitchen and water based stuff. He just doesn't have a very good concentation span! He's just started nursery and they said he's doing great. He's had a childminder also and she has never said anything negative

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