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Terrible twos :( help!

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Mama4412 Sun 04-Nov-12 14:53:36

Hi all smile
My lil boy has just 2 on friday and I'm guessing he's in full swing of the terrible twos! He's moany and whines like mad all the time and he has started to hit people! I don't know wat to do! Y is he so whiney? He has wat he weds plenty of toys, ima single mum but I give him all the love and attention in the world! But he gets so frustrated! And moans a lot for no reason at all and I'm at my wits end! Simple things like asking him to sit down where he stands up in his highchair causes his to whine and cry! Also he's got really attached to his dummy lately and I wanna get rid of it! Any help with be greatly appreciated as i just want my lil man to be happy and smiley again like he used to be! Please help mums xxxxxxx

PieceOfTheMoon Sun 04-Nov-12 15:31:06

Ahhh, sounds like a normal 2 year old to me grin

He's just discovering he's got his own mind and testing the boundaries of what he's allowed to do.

My DS has also just turned 2 and has mini tantrums and little acts of defiance, I find the hardest thing is to keep a straight face, but it can really get to me sometimes. He is worse when he's tired or not well - do you think your DS might be feeling a bit under the weather? Have you got anyone who could give you a bit of a break if you need it?

matana Sun 04-Nov-12 18:30:36

No help I'm afraid but lots of sympathy. DS exactly the same right now. He's also pretty horrible to my DH and wants very little to do with him while I'm around. It actually makes me feel quite sad as I know it hurts his feelings. But yes, bring back my chilled out, laid back little man. He's pushing all our buttons at the moment and doesn't seem happy doing anything.

matana Sun 04-Nov-12 18:32:31

Oh, and he's also begun shrieking and screeching, shouting at the top of his voice whenever I leave the room even for just a minute.

Mama4412 Sun 04-Nov-12 18:55:37

Well at least I'm not alone in this smile that makes me feel better lol he's been poorly with one thing after another the last few weeks and has started wantin naps in the day again so maybe he's still feeling delicate or something! Wen it's just me and him hes lovely, it seems that it's as soon as we r with others he gets worse or maybe I worry more cus people tend to look wen a child kicks off! I'm startin to potty train soon and was wondering should I take his dummy away before I start training or after? And any good tips on how to wean him off of his dummy! Love this site so many helpful kind women who don't judge grin xx

Mama4412 Sun 04-Nov-12 18:57:57

Oh and he goes to daycare once a week cus I have no one who can help sad his dads about as useful as a fart in a colander and my mum lives abroad ..... Ah well I'm a mummy and I do it with pleasure smile

Arcadia Sun 04-Nov-12 20:35:14

Sorry to hear about that, they do go through these phases, like cycles. My DD is almost three and just going through another 'difficult' phase after a few weeks where she was being really reasonable and easy going! Wanting the dummy more in these phases is normal. Also, when other people are around and I chat to someone my DD can be really funny and jealous about it, maybe he's starting to get that?

in my personal opinion he may be a little young for potty training unless he is showing a real interest already. with DD I have been told to wait until she was ready and we're just doing it now on her instigation really (with lots of encouragement!). If he is a bit clingy and whingey at the moment I would not try to do dummy and potty training all at the same time. We still let DD have her dummy at night. Wait until he is in a more settled phase again, it will come, I promise! good luck!

Arcadia Sun 04-Nov-12 20:38:04

Also remember this is the age where they are starting to test boundaries and want to see how much control they have on the world around them, it's hard but try and be as consistent as possible and let him have 'limited choices' like ask if he wants an apple or banana for pudding, rather than saying 'what do you want for pudding?', and try and find things to distract him if having tantrum when you're out!

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