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A sudden change in eating, and need help....

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Longdistance Sun 04-Nov-12 13:52:53

I wonder if anyone of you lovely ladies can help me regarding dd. She's 3, and has been the fussiest eater ever. Limiting her choices to a few foods.

We always give her what we eat, so there is that or nothing.

Since being about 18 months old the fussiness kicked in. In the last few days she has tried a few new things.

I am wondering how long we should wait for her to finish. She has started to fidget at the table. Pestering her little sister, standing up, playing up. We believe its attention seeking, but she's taking so long to eat. Tonight she tried some omelette, something she wouldn't even touch. She was eating it, then stopped, and started playing up. We asked her if she was going to eat more, but no just pushed her plate away. We proceeded to ignore her, she carried on being a madam, and asked again if she was gonna finish her dinner, she said no. So in the bin it went. It was about 10 minutes. She then started screaming as she wanted her dinner hmm and had a full on tantrum.

What else could we have done? Was 10 minutes long enough? Any suggestions would be much appreciated...

Goldenjubilee10 Sun 04-Nov-12 15:33:05

I would leave it on the table after everyone had been excused then if she wanted to finish it she could sit back up, on her own, and finish it. Although, that said, I don't think you did anything 'wrong". I think your approach was fine and she will quickly learn to get on with it.

Ds3 (6) has always been a fantastic eater. He will try anything and likes most things. He does not have a huge appetite but eats well and stops eating when he is full. He is just so easy to feed. Ds's 1&2 were both quite fussy and I'm sure the difference is me. With them I had time to faff about trying to please them whereas with him I have an "it's on the table, eat it or leave it policy" and he does!

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