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Two questions - winding the annoyed baby and farting excessively!

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JenJen84 Sun 04-Nov-12 09:40:02

These may be linked!

I try in vain, after some feeds to burp my 11week old baby girl. Often she's fine with it - sometimes she is dead set against it and wails! smile I've never had her burp while wailing, so I relent and let her have some more til she's settled but then feel I'm not winding her enough...

3-4am every night she's farting the place down, like a little old man! :D but the serious side is sometimes her wind hurts her and I feel desperately sorry for her.

Can the poor winding be contributing and also, could her milk (cow and gate colic and constipation) which has done wonders for her colic I feel, she also has colief. Could I change the milk to a comfort one maybe? Or drop the colief now?

Help please, from trumpton!

GailTheGoldfish Sun 04-Nov-12 15:35:39

DD (15weeks) is BF so I can't really be of any help regarding the formula, but is also really farty and it hurts her sometimes, what I find works is putting her on her lambskin or mat on her tummy, it seems to squeeze the farts out quicker. Or you could put her across your knee on her tummy or just flip her on her tummy in the cot for a while if its nighttime until she's let it all rip. Good luck, I'd sign off with a nose peg emoticon if there was one!

sillymillyb Sun 04-Nov-12 15:50:39

Oooh, I had this with DS. I went to see a chairopracter person and he showed me loads of ways to relieve the farts!

I used to lie him on his back and draw a question mark under his ribs and down to his belly button, quite firmly with 2 fingers... but the most effective way was to hold his legs under his knees and pull his legs up to his tummy.

I basically paid a man to help my son fart more effectively, but it really did help!

Niome Mon 05-Nov-12 20:55:04

Some symptoms of colic in a breast-fed baby, such as tummy pain and excessive wind, may be explained by the foremilk/hindmilk ratio he receives. When a baby isn't latched on properly, he may not be getting the fat-rich hindmilk that contains the calories. He'll be hungry sooner, and frequent feeding provides higher levels of lactose than a baby can digest, leading to colic symptoms.

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