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How should I respond to these attempts?

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aamia Thu 01-Nov-12 10:49:21

DS keeps trying to do things he's not physically ready for and then getting frustrated. Do I help him achieve more by supporting him or leave him to it? Last night he was sitting in my lap playing with my fingers, when he suddenly pushed himself up to standing, held tightly onto my fingers for balance, and took three steps forwards. The next half hour or so then consisted of him trying to do it again and again, getting over tired and frustrated and crying. In the end I held him up so he could take a couple more steps and feel he'd done it. The other day it was sitting unaided, before that was rolling over (got stuck half way and cried each time). He is six weeks old. It will be many months before he is physically developed enough to do these things. Would I be better just to distract him quickly, or to support him so he feels he's achieved what he wanted?

exBrightonBell Thu 01-Nov-12 11:45:23

Perhaps these things are more like expressing a preference rather than trying to achieve a physical feat? My LO prefers to be held in a standing position and has done since about 4 wks old. He also prefers to be held so that he can look out and around, rather than be held close. It's just his "style". I wouldn't worry about helping him do whatever interests him, as long as you obviously hold him safely. And don't forget lots of tummy time that will help strengthen him. Babies can be amazingly different from each other! Do what feels right for you and your baby smile

diyqueen Thu 01-Nov-12 14:09:07

I agree with exbrighton - he may just be trying to tell you he wants to be held standing or sitting. Try not to over think it and just change his position when he seems to want it.

ZuleikaD Thu 01-Nov-12 16:16:34

Many babies at this age are constantly frustrated by their lack of physical ability (DS was grumpy for about six weeks until he learnt to crawl). I would help him as much as you can and keep him happy!

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