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9 month old stopped speaking? Advice? Worried !!

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livbaybee1 Wed 31-Oct-12 23:09:27

Hello all,
This is my first post on here so hello everyone smile
Im slightly concerned about my son, hes 9 n half months and since he was about 5 / 6 months hes been saying dadda/babba, even few times said ello n couple other words but mainly dadda / babba. He used to say it constantly seemed like all day every day, if would also copy if i said dadda he would then copy, but all of a sudden for nearly 2 weeks now roughly i havent heared him say dadda or any other word for that matter at all, he just babbles n grunts n things, whats going on? Is this normal?
Hes always been so forward and always doing things before other babies i know of the same age as him, hes been crawling since 5 / 6 months, standing since 6 / 7 months, he even walks holding on to the back of his walker or his push along walker (few steps at a time) ,and like i said he was saying words but now im worried as he hasnt said it for about 2 weeks now.
Has anyone else's lo's done this? Is it normal?

Im also slightly concerned as he rathers watch the tv than look at me, or if family comes over he doesnt even flinch , he gives them a quick stare for a few seconds then turns back and just is obsessed with the tv ,when family try and speak to him or play with him or hold him he kicks off, stiffens up, screams , trying to look the other way at the tv, he wont look at them at all, or me for that matter, if i turn the tv off hes always grumpy and crys alot, it seems the tv is only thing that keeps him content , but when i try and hold him and speak to him he hardly looks at me, also in the highchair he wont look at me hardly, unless i start singing or clapping away or something ,he will then look at me and normally have fits of giggles (at my awful singing voice i guess lol)
He loves it when i play peek a boo with him, he giggles his little head off, thats another time he will pay me some attension but any other time he dont pay know body any attension at all, u try to hold him and he just screams ,stiffens up, to the point we just have to put him back on the floor and let him crawl about as its the only time hes happy.
Im just worried. Has anyone elses lo's been like this?

ZuleikaD Thu 01-Nov-12 10:15:19

I wouldn't worry about the lack of noise - it's normal for them to work on one thing at a time at this age and he may be practising his gross motor skills.

But he shouldn't be having any tv at all at this age, and I would be particularly concerned about what you describe as his obsession with it. Turn it off. Let him get on with his crawling and exploring. He'll soon forget about the tv and then you'll be able to judge whether his other behaviour is changing in terms of wanting to engage with you and others more.

livbaybee1 Thu 01-Nov-12 11:34:39

Thanks for reply. I will try not to worry and see if he picks up on his talking again sooin, if not ill mention it to my hv nxt time I see her. Just hoping its nothing to worry about. He does however love the tv, smiles laughs at things on there, regonises adverts he likes and will giggle away everytime at certain ones. Same with certain disney programes like mickey mouse. I find when the tv off he's moany and cries, I've this morning hardly had the tv on and see if this helps, thanks for advice smile

SuperDuperTrooper Thu 01-Nov-12 13:32:13

I agree about turning the tv off. Kids like all sorts of things that aren't good for them and its our job to steer them in the "right" direction. I admit to using the tv for 10 minutes here or there whilst I frantically tidy up or pack up things if we are off out. My DS is 10 months old and not the best at entertaining himself so its one of the few things that will keep him distracted. The rest of the day it is off. If I ever, and its rare, have it on for myself and he is getting sucked in I turn it off. Babies learn from playing and exploring not from watching tv. He is more likely to practise his speech if you are reading to him and singing and dancing with him.

As for the speech concern I wouldn't worry. My DS also has bouts of babbling and not. Months ago he learnt to say mama. Said it for a few days then stopped. A few weeks later her learnt dada. Said that for a couple of weeks then stopped. Since then he started saying mama again but has once again he has stopped. I thought this was quite normal so haven't been worrying about it.

Like yours he is not much of a cuddler and tends to wriggle and writhe if you hold him. He is only ever still if we are reading a book - he loves books! The rest of the time we just let him play about on the floor or I take him out in his pram as he is happy there.

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