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2 yo won't go in the bath

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PumpkinM Mon 29-Oct-12 15:49:04

She used to love the bath, but now DD, 2ys 3mths, is refusing point blank to go in the bath. I've tried:
- new bath toys
- getting in with her. ("No Mummy, you're too big. Get out! Put your clothes on.)
- bought her a doll with a bath
- just playing with the water and hopes she gets interested
- the shower (not to be recommended - slippery, wet toddler, tiled flor, wet mother...)
- just dunking her in the bath (takes 2 parents)
It's been going on for 2 weeks. Finally got her in and washed her hair last night, but I'm surprised the neighbours didn't call social services, there was so much screaming.
Any sugestions?

Lifebeginsat41 Mon 29-Oct-12 16:43:27

We had the same with the twins at that age I promise it will pass.

If she doesn't have a bath every night its not the end of the world.

I would relax about it, give her the sponge and some water to wash herself in the bathroom giving her lots of praise as she does, then give her a quick wash around her bottom.

We do play a game called 2 minute showers in our house it started on holiday a few years back and is still going especially when they are tired and don't want one.
We set the timer for 2 minutes and each twin has to been showered and hair wash within their allotted 2 minutes.

Olympicrock Mon 29-Oct-12 16:45:09

Took a month at the same age. What is it with 2 year olds? Bubble machine in empty bath, then a little water the next night etc got there for us

Inneedofbrandy Mon 29-Oct-12 16:48:35

What about bubbles and she can only play with the bubbles if she's in the bath. or a really really shallow bath, goggles so she can look under water? Changing the colour of the bath water?

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