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Fibs and stealing....maybe,..

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Chippychop Thu 25-Oct-12 23:24:07

My ds 6.5 is on the whole great. I'm currently a SAHM ( since redundancy in April) anyway I've started picking him up on silly little fibs eg "mum did you know I have actually Ben to the moon" "mum I actually panted this plane and made the propellor" (on something shop bought. Well last week I thought I'd put some money in one place only to find it in a completely different place, a place I would leave it normally, but I gave him the benefit of the doubt pitting it down to my terrible memory... Tonight he was going on about how much money he had and how much he needed for a new toy he's saving up for. As he has a piggy bank in his room I didn't question
It. Until I went into my purse and realised I was at least a £5 note missing I now think I'm two missing. Dh looked in his draw and there were 3! I suppose they could be out of his piggy bank or at least 1 maybe. How should I manage this ? I didn't actually see him steal any money but I'm sure he's been in my purse

fidelma Fri 26-Oct-12 00:53:31

All very normal.
No children in your purse or bag,just let him know and then put the bag away.
I am always telling my children that I am off to the moon! just laugh and enjoy his game.Let him know it is a game.
Again the plane thing I would just agree and say "amazing,it is just like one I bought,maybe you are going to be an enginer!"
have fun smile

Goldenjubilee10 Fri 26-Oct-12 06:47:01

I Agree with fidelma. Just let him know that no one goes into Mummy's bag or drawers. Ds3 (6) had a phase of going into my purse. He would take money out and come to ask if he could have it. He has been told he must not do this.

DeWe Fri 26-Oct-12 09:29:22

Very normal.

My younger two have both had lots of tall tales. "I've seen the tooth fairy. She's pink and sparkly"-dd2(aged 6); "I ran so fast there was a sonic boom"-ds (last week-age 5)

For those I just agree unless it's hurting someone else. Dd2 has a particular tone in her voice that is very easy to pick up when she's telling a tale. She does it much less often now though (she's 8) and generally the tall tales are exaggerating something funny at school, so more believeable.

Money I find more difficult. They don't have a huge concept of money at that age-it arrives apparently without effort (cashback/hole in the wall) and it's spent (if dd2 with about 5 seconds between).
I would talk to him about missing the money and has he seen it? Don't accuse him straight off. Perhaps if you could be "sad" because now you can't buy something.
If you don't know that this money can't be his, then it is possible he's saved up (maybe granny gave him some as a secret?) so if he says they're his, you have to believe him really. He may well not be able to say where they came from even if they're legitimate, so don't let that worry you.
If you want to catch him, you could mark the notes in your purse. My dm did that (red line under the numbers-something small so not immediately obvious) when the carer was stealing off dgd. Dgd wouldn't believe dm that the carer would do it, and refused to ask her, but in that case we're talking about £100s going missing over a period of time.

Chippychop Fri 26-Oct-12 10:20:05

Thx at least I know he's 'normal'. I'll put into practise your advicewink

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