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parentemma Thu 25-Oct-12 21:16:51

hello, my 6 yr old is bieng naughty at bed time! even when shes good in the day she will go to bed and do anything she can to get my attention. i would leave her but she shares with her 2 yr old bro and will wake him up angry i have tried taking toys away ect this works 4 a couple of days but then she will start again she says its cos she cant sleep but wen she does go to bed straight away she is asleep within 10 mins confused any advice welcome thanx x

lorisparkle Fri 26-Oct-12 10:55:33

My DS1 can be a nightmare at bed too and he shares with DS2 so am very wary of just leaving him. Have you tried a star chart. At one point DS1 and DS2 were very motivated by sprinkles (hundred and thousands or similar) on their breakfast. We used this to get them to go to sleep nicely. So they had a star for getting pyjamas on quickly and a star for lying in bed quietly. In the morning if they had one star they had a quick sprinkle if they had two then they had lots of sprinkles! It worked for a while just long enough to break the habit and now we vary the reward based on what we are doing in the next couple of days.
They also have one of those torch/night lights that you can charge up but then does not have any leads or batteries. They are allowed to sit quietly in their bed looking at books etc for 10 minutes after we leave them but only if they are quiet.
Hope this helps

parentemma Fri 26-Oct-12 15:13:24

i will try that lol its worth a try! thanx hun x

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