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AAARRGGGHHHH 14mth DD has been possessed by demons

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agnes2404 Thu 25-Oct-12 18:38:25

My freakin ears!!

Where did my sweet little duckling go? She is no longer babbling in soft sweet syllables, and charming everyone she meets. Oh no. Is communicating in ear-piercing shrieks. She wriggles and squirms to be put down, then instantly shrieks to be back up. Bolts out of the door and onto the road whenever she can (ulp). Shouting, crying, wriggling, kicking....

We used to be the cute ones in the coffee shop. It is where I go in order to regain sanity. But alas we are outstaying our welcome as DD shrieks in a manner which feels like one has had the top of ones skull sawn off. Oh my god. I am that mother.

AAAAARRGGGHHHHHHH. Surely too soon? I thought I had another 6 months of cute! Am wondering if she needs more fun in her life - I never intended to put her in nursery but she seems to be craving other littlums, and is possibly bored. I do take her out all the time, but boring old mum just isn't enough these days.

I feel like I'm failing her, and my family because I am seriously doubting if I can be a SAHM. I am going slightly mad. I am looking longingly at job adverts...

Bugger. Yes, I do I feel like a failure.


Rockchick1984 Thu 25-Oct-12 19:45:36

I went through this around the same age with DS... IT GETS BETTER!!!!!

We started going to more mums and tots groups, more playdates with other mums (either from the baby groups or netmums meet a mum board) rather than just spending as much time the 2 of us. We got into a lovely routine of mornings being at home with some time playing together, and some time me doing jobs, then after his nap we always go out somewhere, and I try to ensure that when we go out every other day is an activity for him, the other days we do things for me eg supermarket, round to see friends without children etc. He learnt very quickly that this was the new routine and he seems to love it.

The demon baby in cafe thing (at least for us) didn't last long, but I still always take something along so he's not bored, or nip into pound land and get a little something for him as a new toy is always a good distraction grin

I think the wriggling, shrieking etc is developmental, if she is a confident walker do you let her toddle when out and about? I know some people aren't keen but reins are a godsend - I loop them around my wrist and hold DS's hand but it means if he suddenly bolts he can't get far! As her speech improves, the shrieking becomes less frequent.

You are NOT a failure, I felt like the terrible twos had arrived a year early but with more activities for DS, more interaction with other children and simply more time, things massively improved. He's 19 months now and every day I realise how lucky I am to have been able to give up work to spend my days with him didn't feel like that a few months ago and you will feel the same again soon I'm sure!

agnes2404 Fri 26-Oct-12 12:46:16

Thanks rock chick, that really helps. I like the sound of your routine. We do something similar but less well-thought out. DD is a confident walker and popping her on her feet for a little potter is always a winner. She loves parks and the beach and lovely big shops - department stores, supermarkets, B&Q! I'm learning to spend every afternoon out playing.

I feel so much better after reading what you said, and when I think about it, developmentally her brain is doing incredible things, building new connections every day so it's amazingly active. So I think she'll calm down in a few months maybe. And shes simetimes tormented with teething pain which just kills me. God bless calpol!

Meantime I mustn't make rash decisions about my crapness as a mother. I'm only a crap mother maybe once a day ;) like this morning when I got overexcited dancing with her, and swung her around - smashing her little face right into a chair. Oh the howls. Anyway. Am forgiven. All is well, thank you for your kind words.

LeBFG Fri 26-Oct-12 13:37:41

Sounds like she is finding her voice and independence.

It's a good stage really. My 19mo DS was like this - for months - but I notice now he likes to run off and do things by himself, explore, then come back. Far cry from the extremely clingy pre-12mo he was. I notice he's enjoying baby groups more too - trying to communicate with the others and he's much happier going off and playing knowing I'm there but not needing me all the time. I think the shrieking/bolting etc is an important step for them.

Second vote for reins too btw.

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