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DSS playing up at school

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converseconvert Thu 25-Oct-12 16:24:57

DP and his XW where called into office today to be informed that DSS had been kept in at breaktime and lunch for throwing a temper tantrum in class and won't have full golden time tomorrow as he bit another boy in his class. The box he bit we suspect has been bullying him but we have tried to stress to DSS that he should not retaliate but instead tell an adult when anything happens. DSS has enhanced support part time at school but is now reusing to do work during normal class and enhanced time. He also sometimes refuses to do his homework and recently has been frequently misbehaving at home mainly by not doing what he is told or throwinp tantrums. His DM and her DP have tried time out, withdrawing toys for set time etc and we also have tried the same if he misbehaves when he is with us. We're at a loss what to do now. The school stated that he has been punished so that is end to matter but won't entertain that he is being bullied by the other boy. The other boy is also in DSS class and attends enhanced class as well. As the school doesn't seem to think is a problem we're not sure if they would keep them apart.

converseconvert Thu 25-Oct-12 16:36:30

Sorry posted to soon (I know this is long)

We're also concerned about his behaviour at home and don't have a clue what to do. He is receiving enhanced support at school due to late development of speech and language, poor fine motor skills and short concentration span. He will be 6 soon but in some ways his behaviour is more like a toddler but in other ways he seems aware of his behaviour and knows he has done wrong.

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