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Improving a 6 year old's confidence

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Makinglists Wed 24-Oct-12 20:31:57

DS1 is 6.5 in Y2 at school - he's doing well and performs to expectations - so in that respect I'm happy, but his confidence in his abilities is really low and its worrying me. In his class he is one of the younger children but by no means the youngest and there are a number of kids who are working at a higher level - that said all his teachers have said he's bright, able and doing well. Tonight though he told me he's no good at anything at school and the only things he's good at are things outside school like running and riding his bike. I feel heartbroken that he's got such a downer on himself at such a young age. It also worries me because his father has always had confidence issues and is currently off work with depression.

DS1 has plenty of friends though one friendship does seem to be causing problems at the moment which is getting to him. The boy in question is fine with DS1 at school but when they are out of the school environment he seems to pick and possibly bully DS1 - for example saying he is a baby and tonight on the way back from an after school activity saying he's no good at maths. I've limited contact and talked to DS1 about standing up to him but as they share some activities its hard to completely restrict contact.

Any advice would be really welcome

blondiemommy Wed 24-Oct-12 20:50:08

I also have a ds similar age in yr2 and we have come across this kind of thing last year, he started saying he wanted to go to another school and it also materialised he was having some trouble with a boy in his class. I made an appointment with his teacher and she was lovely - kept him away from other child and really boosted his confidence with extra homework in the areas he felt he was struggling and rewarded him with stickers/moves up on zone boards etc. I suggest going in and speaking to his teacher - sometimes they can give you an in sight into his school life that you can't see. Hope you get somewhere.

Makinglists Wed 24-Oct-12 21:04:28

Thanks - I was thinking about speaking to his teacher so I'll try and arrange to see them tomorrow-I know there are things he is very good out and the teacher has praised him for it, but his general lack of confidence has worried me. We've had a long chat about the 'friend' and how they are not really a friend if they behave this way and the need to find strategies to deal with them.

Thanks for the advice.

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