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yellowfrin Wed 24-Oct-12 10:39:56

My 5 year old has started to poo the bed in the night. shock It has happened twice in the past week. This morning when I woke her up I commented that she had wet the bed and she said oh I thought I had a poo in the night. So she is saying she didn't notice when it happened but woke up and never thought of coming to get us to clean her up....What is going on???????? Context: She has started school in August and it has been though, slow at doing stuff, at times not listening (teacher feedback) Overall she is a happy 5 year old, How am I to respond to this?? PS: She goes through phases of wetting the bed. There was quite a while she was dry and now once a month tops..

Halfcups Wed 24-Oct-12 14:29:45

This is the time of tummy bugs and her poor immune system will be getting a battering from her new classmates! So that could be one issue. Or just a couple of isolated incidents. Maybe so tired only rousing enough for the bowel movement but not staying awake after. Any other symptoms or dietary changes? When would she normally have a poo? Little children can be very fearful of using school loos. Could she be 'saving' it til she gets home. Could be an issue and interrupt her toilet routine.

MamaBear17 Wed 24-Oct-12 20:03:54

I agree with the above poster - all really good points. Another thing that occurs to me is could she be dream pee/pooping? When I was little I used to dream that I was on the toilet and wee for real. My mum taught me to do three checks to make sure I was really on the toilet (Turn the tap on, splash my face, find my toothbrush etc) It helped me to identify when I was still dreaming and wake up and actually go. It could be with all of the changes your dd is suffering from a little anxiety and is just getting a bit confused.

yellowfrin Wed 24-Oct-12 21:14:02

Thank you great thoughts. I have just remembered that feeling of dream peeing. I think I used to do that a lot, genetics?¿

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