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Shaky / shivery / blinking babies... it's normal, right ?

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hub2dee Tue 28-Mar-06 16:59:05

Hi all,

Just wondering if there are a fairly large number of babies who do what my dd does (nealry 9 months, 1 prem):

Occasionally she will be sitting, playing, eating etc. and will do a strange shake of the head. Sometimes it involves shoulders / upper body. A kind of 'someone walked over my grave' type shudder IYSWIM. Her eyes don't roll, she doesn't get upset, she doesn't interupt whatever she was doing etc., she doesn't go rigid and I'm farily certain it's not because she's cold !

Someone mentioned babies do this when they pee, but I'm not sure...

She seems to do it more when she's excited by something - a toy being presented, happy in her plastic sandpit filled with balls, when there's food about etc. etc. etc.

I've never seen it in her sleep - nor when she's resting in her cot come to think of it.

If it's at all relevant she also kind of blinks hard / repeatedly when hearing louder noises / bangs, or when I'm bouncing a ball close to her IYSWIM (no, she hasn't been hit by balls to develop a fear of them), or when I clap right in front of her. Does that just mean she's a sensitive little sausage ? (hearing / sight checked out 100% fine).


alexsmum Tue 28-Mar-06 17:00:46

ds always did this shudder when weeing!
and i think the blink when surprised is normal.don't worry all sounds normal

Feistybird Tue 28-Mar-06 17:00:58

Re; the shiver after peeing, yes both mine did this! No other time tho.

And the blinking at louder noises, yes - in fact I probably do that.

kalex Tue 28-Mar-06 17:02:39

Both mine did this, think positive, she hears fine!

kalex Tue 28-Mar-06 17:04:06

Sorry to explain, they did the shuddery thing whe they wee'd and were startled by load noises.

hub2dee Tue 28-Mar-06 17:06:41

Yeah, deffo think the blinks more normal (it's kind of 'sensible' IYSWIM), but the shakes do seem a little odd. Find it hard to tell when she's weeing as she's in a nappy all day (and pooing fairly often, so going commando is not a very attractive diagnostic strategy LOL)

hub2dee Tue 28-Mar-06 17:07:52

man... she must wee loads then !

Thanks for all input.

Bethron Tue 28-Mar-06 18:15:26

Message withdrawn

hub2dee Tue 28-Mar-06 18:18:26

Hi Bethron, I know you have loads of experience of watching for this kind of thing, so thanks for the input. She is never upset by them, and doesn't tend to do a 'chain' of shivers. Just one, and then maybe a few minutes later another, depending on what she's doing etc.

Our house is fairly old so sometimes quite draughty. It would be interesting if it is just blasts of cold air etc !

Bethron Tue 28-Mar-06 18:33:56

Message withdrawn

hub2dee Thu 30-Mar-06 10:10:16

LOL. She will keep it as a toy / container for stuff and I will tease her when she is 18 about how small she was.

reallyworriedmummy Mon 29-May-06 06:37:35

My 8 1/2 month old daughter does something rather similar. She has been sitting playing, crawling, sitting in the highchair, in the bath, lots of places - and she does a little head shaking thing. I don't know it's necessarily a shiver, it's sort of like she's gritting her bottom jaw, and holding for a couple of seconds. The amount of pressure she uses makes her little head shake a little. No eye rolling, doesn't effect her balance or anything. I don't know if it's frustration, pain communication or what?? Anyone else seen or heard of this sort of thing? I'm worried, but then I tell myself - don't be stupid. I just don't know. Doesn't happen every day, but some days it happens heaps. AAArrgghhhh!!

jambot Mon 29-May-06 10:38:47

My DD also does the shiver 'walking over the grave' thing. Don't know what it's related to as can't see what's happening in the nappy, but think it's fairly common.

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