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Tips for moving DS into a bed.

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bonzo77 Tue 23-Oct-12 14:12:40

He's 2.7 and up til now a great sleeper. But we have another baby due in 11 weeks and I wanted DS settled well before. He's alsooving bedrooms, I thought do both at the same time so we only get one episode of adjustment. Anyway, DS has picked bed linen and wall stickers etc, and we plan to do the move at bed time on Saturday. I haven't got a bed guard as my mother reckons we all did without. I'm a bit hmm about that though. Any tips? Does he need a pillow? What if he gets up in the night?

PhyllisDoris Tue 23-Oct-12 14:17:01

My DDs did fall out of bed at first, but they never woke up, so I figured it wasn't doing them any harm. If they'd have hurt themselves, or wre cold, they would have cried. Put a couple of pillows or cushions on the floor if you're concerend.

We put a stairgate accross the bedroom door, so that if DDs did wake up in the night, they couldn't fall down stairs.

Not sure what the current thinking is re pillows. My DDs are teenagers. But we gave them very old flat pillows, to make them feel it was a "proper" grown up bed.

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