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10 year old dd still wetting during the day...any thoughts, please?

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Brightonite Mon 22-Oct-12 16:43:21

My dd is still wetting herself during the day. We have been to the GP who has done a variety of tests and came to the conclusion that she is 'lazy' (v. unhelpful sad ) and needs to train her bladder. We have always tried to be supportive and discreet - sending in spares in an unmarked bag, trying to talk to the teacher about a signal she can use when she needs to go etc but nothing appears to work. From our own observations, she will go to the toilet either at the last minute or twice in a row. I'm struggling to work out what to do. Today she came home from school and I could smell stale urine straight away. She seems oblivious but I'm worried that she will be teased and this will lead to social problems.

Just to set it into context DD seems to be very happy, settled at school and have a set of close friends. Talking to her she doesn't seem worried about anything so I'm thinking there isn't a psychogical cause. Where do we go from here oh wise mumsnetters?

AlexanderS Mon 22-Oct-12 16:47:02

Get your GP to refer your DD to a specialist eneuresis nurse. You want to get to grips with this before she starts secondary school, where it is likely it will result in social problems.

RubberNeckNibbler Mon 22-Oct-12 16:49:29

Is she drinking enough?

This was the solution for one child I know who wasn't drinking enough, therefore the bladder doesn't stretch and get the 'full signal'. It took a while of regular and supervised drinking and 'fun' cups/straws to retrain her bladder.

Brightonite Tue 23-Oct-12 16:59:43

I've made an apointment with the GP and will refuse to be fobbed off this time. DD is a great girl and I don't want her to keep struggling if we can resolve the problem. Thanks for your input.

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