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6 yo always ill, where to turn ????

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mummaxmas Mon 22-Oct-12 09:25:32

My 6 yo ds has been constantly ill since about may and I just don't know what to do ??!! He is the oldest of 3 boys and the only one whoa really been ill, how do I help him ?? I've just sent him to school knowing he's not well as he has already missed so much and I'm so worried about him. He has had coughs colds head aches slapped check tonsillitis chest infections the lot !! He eats well has nothing underlying and is usually bounding with energy, do I go to health visitor or someone else ???

Goldmandra Mon 22-Oct-12 11:11:38

You need to take him to the GP who can check him over and may decide to do a blood test.

He's probably fine and just been unlucky to come across a few new viruses together but better safe than sorry.

mummaxmas Mon 22-Oct-12 11:50:22

Ok thank you, my mil says maybe low in iron, I will take him this week

whatthewhatthebleep Mon 22-Oct-12 17:36:47

maybe you could try giving your DS a tonic//multivit/mineral supplements in the mean time...just to know that he is getting more than enough through his system iykwim. He has a good diet, etc so I'm not so sure it's to do with vits/mins.

GP visit for sure. Hoping he is alright. Don't worry about school absence if he's not right though. Err on caution and keep him at home. A full day at school when below par isn't going to help him recover iykwim. Speak to the HT and explain your concerns for DS and that you're seeing GP to investigate things, etc

Boardiegirl Mon 22-Oct-12 20:53:47

Unless of course he is trying to avoid school? If ur not totally convinced he is ill evry time then consider something goin wrong at school x

permaquandry Mon 22-Oct-12 21:21:11

I've had this with dd1 aged 7. For the whole of yr2 she missed 25 days through mostly non-specific viruses. She did have a week off for chicken pox and a couple of ear infections, her ears seem to be her weakness but having had them checked lots, no further action is needed. The rest of the time were just high temps and feeling very unwell. She eats well, lots of fruit and veg and has a varied diet, tho is very slim.

At the beginning of the summer, she missed another 2 separate weeks, I was just despairing at this point so I implemented some new strategies. I started putting her to bed at 7.30 every night, without fail (even weekends). She's terrible at settling and is rarely asleep before 9 and had previously gone between 8 and 8.30. I thought she would at least benefit from the 1 and half hour of rest.

I've been giving her a multivitamin (kids) with omega 3 in it, religiously. She's always had them before but had often missed days here and there. I've also made her drink more fluids, she barely drinks, tho likes water so I just keep reminding her to drink.

I took her to the docs at end of summer hols to check her weight and talk to doc about last school year. He said that it was a very bad year for viruses, her weight is very low for her age but took a view that the rest of the fam are v slim and were as children. He suggested seeing how she gets on this school year and maybe give her a blood test if it continues this school year.

Touch wood, we are now 13 weeks clear of any virus, which is a record. She did miss 2 days of sch but that was due to mild vomitting, poss caused by constipation. (She's only ever had one tummy bug in her life).

I can't believe how much better the year had started compared to last and I hope this will continue. We've slipped a bit with the bedtime and it definitely seems to make her a bit washed out, so will be going back to the 7.30 slot.

I hope this helps you and ds health improves, it's a worry I know. Def worth taking to docs tho, even if just to set your mind at rest.

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