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DD 2 year old scared of bath time

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Mymou Sun 21-Oct-12 09:32:31

Hi everyone, new here and dont know what to do.

As of Friday our little girl just will not go in the bath. Point blank refuses. When we put her in she wont sit just stands screaming "down mummy down" when we ask why she say "wee in bath dirty mummy"

We have started potty training but very loosely, just encouraging he to sit on the potty, letting her run around with no nappy and in pants. If she has an accident we never shout or make a big deal just say "oh dear next time we'll try in the potty" and she's fine with that. She's happy to sit on the potty.

Explained if she did do a wee in the bath it wouldnt matter. But she just keeps saying its dirty. Tried bath toys, tried new bubbles, tried the shower, tried sitting with her in it, tried encouraging with a treat. The only thing i havent tried is putting a swimming nappy on!!

Before Friday she would spend as long as she could splashing and playing. And only kicked up a fuss when it came to hair washing but even that was getting better! Reading it sounds quite common but is there any tips you can give us. I know she doesnt need a bath every night but we need to resolve this before it gets out of hand.

Many Thanks


DoubleYew Sun 21-Oct-12 13:40:05

Ds likes pouring food colouring into his bath. I put a bit in a little jug or whatever so he can control it himself.

Give it a break for a few days, use a facecloth to do a wipe over in the meantime.

Ds gets things in his head and then they seem to forget after a few days and its on to the next thing.

I supposed you offer the potty straight before the bath so she has a chance to get the wees out? AFAIK swim nappies only catch poo but she's not to know that of course!

eBook Mon 22-Oct-12 09:31:28

Does she think the bath is somehow already dirty? Could you show her how you clean the bath and then say how nice and clean it is?

Nottigermum Mon 22-Oct-12 09:45:24

I think most toddlers will go through a little phase of not wanting to have a bath, being scared, not wanting hair washed etc. Both my boys did, and what I picked up from here was a very good tip, to half fill a wash up bowl and put toys in it and a dolly, and encourage your child to play with it and wash the doll. After a few days you could suggest that the doll wants a big bath, and put same toys in the bath and your little one will also probably want to go in. It did work well with both my boys.

Maisydaisy34 Mon 22-Oct-12 09:50:34

Tips already suggested are fab....when my Dd is having one a day when she doesn't want to go in the bath I try to just give her a wash with a flannel but if she really needs a bath I put her swimming costume on and put her in the bath in that, she thinks its great and makes bath times a little bit more fun for her and a little bit easier for me!

Mymou Mon 22-Oct-12 20:22:09

Thank you for your suggestions.

Tonight weve managed a flannel wash and a jug stood in the water and that went great until the hair washing (which is usual) so will try the baby in the bath and seehow we get on. thank you so much for the replies.


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